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Breakfast with Tambuwal

But for the fact that we have a country that is fast relapsing into the days of our past that we would rather forget and, therefore, in need of rescuing, I would have just dismissed the judgments, drama and melodrama recently emerging from

FRANK TALK: This is not the news!

By Steve Nwosu CAVEAT EMPTOR: Let me begin with a not-too-empirical definition of Fake News, as I suspect the government of the day defines it: ‘Any news item, which is either unfavourable to the government or is not the ‘truth’ that

FRANKTALK: The budget comedy

This is one of the times I feel so happy with my absolute ignorance about budget matters. For if I were any smarter, I'd be among those currently splitting hairs over a financial projection that is, at best, an academic exercise. And it…

Nigeria at 59: Osinbajo’s fresh air

Please, whoever has not listened to what Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had to say at the 59th Independence Gala in Abuja last week would do well to see the video on Youtube. That is the best Independence Day speech Nigerians need at a time…

We’re all xenophobes

I spent the whole of last week trying to see how best to capture the near-nationwide stupidity going on in South Africa. But it all ended in futility – until I stumbled on this social media quote that was wrongly attributed to Dr. Robert…