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In a day or two from now, I expect  government will fully roll out the tanks to finally crush the about-two week old #ENDSARS protests rocking the country. And the government action would be ‘justified’. Lawlessness has set in. The…

FRANK TALK: Between rhetoric and reality

By Steve Nwosu Anyone who dispassionately followed the facts that emerged from last week’s two-day ministerial performance review retreat, put together by the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, would, no

FRANK TALK: The Fani-Kayode syndrome

My late uncle, Mr. Bonny M. Anokwuru, the man responsible for my upbringing and everything good about me today (God rest his sweet soul), had a humorous way of capturing situations. It was from him I learnt that it is usually those who

FRANK TALK: Can you speak Chinese?

By Steve Nwosu Take a good look at the attached diagram. Take time to study it, and commit as much of it as you can to memory. That is the Chinese alphabet. And you might need it sooner than you thought. Yes, with all this talk about

FRANK TALK: NDDC and its Acting (actor) MD

By Steve Nwosu Until Monday, I had erroneously thought that the title ‘Acting’ usually prefixed before an office, referred to an officer who stands in for a substantive occupier of the office, pending the confirmation of such ‘acting’