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Magodo face-off: Restructuring, State Police imperative – Olokoba insists

Razaq Bamidele

Renowned Public Commentator and Social Analyst, Comrade Razaq Olokoba has insisted that social crisis and political instability would not cease to be recurring decimal in the country unless the agitation for restructuring of the nation’s polity is addressed.

The concerned activist sounded the note of warning, on Wednesday,  in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital in an exclusive chat with The Nigerian Xpress, where he decried the encounter between Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State and a junior police officer over the knotty legal issue concerning some plots of land situated at the Magodo Estate, Lagos State.

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Olokoba, who described the encounter as ‘embarrassing and disturbing’, wondered how the governor believed to be the overall security boss of the state could not control the security apparatus like the Police under him in the state, asserting that such could not have happened in a situation where the polity was restructured to put the rein of the state firmly in the hands of the state governors.

According to him, there was no way avoidable clashes like what happened in Lagos could have occurred if the governor has been constitutionally placed properly in charge of the whole state, describing as insulting, disgusting and embarrassing, a situation whereby a police man in Lagos would have to call his boss in faraway Abuja before listening to the man given the mandate by his people to minster on their affairs!

Speaking further, Olokoba did not find it funny that both the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice did not deem it fit to consult the state governor before taking such a step that could affect almost a million people in Lagos, reminding that when such a conduct snowballed into crisis of an unimaginable proportion, the bulk would stop on the governor’s table.

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He, thereby, hammered it hard into the eardrums of whoever cares to listen that, it should always be put at the back of our mind that, any major crisis that erupts in Lagos would not spare any part of the country, pointing out that, the state serves as second home to millions of Nigerians including the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Mallami (SAN), and the Inspector General of Police, Baba Alikali.

Against this background, the youthful activist, who is also the National President of the Campaign for Dignity in Governance (CDG), admonished that, Federal Officials as well as those in authorities should handle affairs of the country in such a way to promote peace and harmony, saying, doing otherwise could escalate the precarious situation in the country.