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U.S., Canada urge Nigerians to make Saturday’s elections peaceful, credible

U.S. President Donald Trump’s top foreign policy advisor Amb. John Bolton, has urged Nigerians to ensure that the Saturday,s elections are peaceful.

Bolton said this in a tweet by the U.S. Embassy in its twitter account @USEmbassyAbuja accessed by the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

The National Security Advisor of the United States also called on all the candidates in the election to accept the results.

“To all Nigerians working to ensure elections on Saturday are peaceful, free, fair, and credible, we wish you success.  We urge every voter to participate and every candidate to peacefully accept the election results,” Bolton said.

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In the same vein, Canadian High Commission in Nigeria also advied all Nigerians to go out on Saturday and vote.

The High Commission in its twitter account @CanHCNigeria, said Nigerians would decide their future through free, fair and credible polls.

“Remember! We encourage all Nigerians to exercise their democratic rights to get out and vote tomorrow. You will decide Nigeria’s future and deserve a free, fair, credible and peaceful chance to do it. Time don reach make una put una vote where una mouth dey!

Dear all joking aside, we hope all you tweets also get out to vote when the time comes. Urge your followers to do the same,” the mission said.(NAN)