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Southern Kaduna: Adara community accuses Gov. el-Rufai of hatred, double standards

Anthony Iwuoma

The crisis rocking Southern Kaduna again took the front burner, on Saturday, as Adara Development Association (ADA) accused Governor Nasir el-Rufai, of Kaduna State of hatred for the community.

National President of ADA, Mr. Awemi Dio Maisamari, also accused the governor of double standards, citing the death of the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris, which exposed the disparity in el-Rufai’s treatment of Northern and Southern Kaduna people.

In a statement, Maisamari said, “As a mark of well-deserved honour to the late First Class Emir, who died naturally, three days mourning period and a public holiday were declared by the governor.

“Also, in a matter of a few days, arrangements are in top gear to peacefully appoint a successor to the throne based on established Zazzau customs and traditions.

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“On the other hand, the First Class monarch of Adara Chiefdom was abducted like a commoner and eventually assassinated in very humiliating and suspicious circumstances.

“And yet the governor did not consider his tragic demise deserving of any extraordinary action, special honour, press statements, tributes or even ceremonial calls for public mourning by the state government.

“This was again followed by the greatest mark of dishonour and treachery to our monarch and Adara people as a whole.

“Our people were shocked to learn that Adara Chiefdom and Adara Traditional Council had been secretly scrapped by the Governor five months earlier.

“The unacceptable scrapping of Adara Chiefdom and the creation of Kajuru Emirate on Adara land were made known a few days after the murder of our Royal Father.

“Furthermore, even the investigation and prosecution of the masterminds and executors of the crime are not being given the publicity, importance and urgency they deserve.

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“This shows his total and unapologetic disrespect and disdain for the traditional rulers and people of Southern Kaduna. Therefore, the Emir’s death has finally unmasked Governor el-Rufai’s apartheid and segregationist system in Kaduna State beyond any reasonable doubt.”

In the statement, the people further alleged that the governor had balkanised the only two local governments occupied by Christian majority of Adara Chiefdom while leaving Zazzau Emirate intact with ten local governments.

The statement deplored a situation where the governor sympathises and apologises for Fulani terrorist attacks in Northern Kaduna but blames Southern Kaduna communities for the ceaseless attacks on them by the Fulani, which have resulted in thousands of internally displaced persons in Southern Kaduna.

It pleaded with the governor to reconsider his attitude to the people, saying: “This is necessary in the overall interest of our helpless Adara community, other Southern Kaduna victims and even his privileged and favoured people, who are also agonising from the insensitivity of his administration.”