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COVID-19: Savouring the fruits of last 10 days of Ramadan

By Razaq Bamidele


A faith-based organisation, The Companion, which is an Association of Muslims in Business and Profession, has branches (Usrah) all over the place. One of its branches, AGEGE/OGBA USRAH, held its fourth and the last online weekly in Ramadan lecture themed: Savouring the Fruits of Last Ten Days of Ramadan on Sunday, May 17, 2020.

The group’s weekly outing is a continuous event every Sunday except the first Sunday of every month so said one of the Admins of the group, Alhaji Bello I. Ozugha.

According to him, the group has a meeting venue at a mosque in Agege where the members converge physically. The online idea, Ozugha informed, came up as a result of the lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

He, however, informed that, after the lockdown, they will go back to their original venue without ruling out the online method in addition to the physical meeting whenever the need arises.

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The interactive session started by 9.am Nigerian time as usual with an opening prayer from a member, Brother Mosud Daramola before the prayers against the pandemic COVID-19 was revised.

The Lecturer

After that, the group’s Admin. Alhaji Bello Ismahil Ozugha introduced the guest lecturer of the day, Alhaji AbdulLateef Abdul-Azeez. And the brief introduction/citation unveiled the Islamic scholar as a staff of the University of Lagos Estate Muslim Community Arabic and Islamic Centre, Omole, Phase 1, Magodo, Lagos State.

The Lecture

The lecturer, Abdul Azeez regretted that this year’s Ramadan was caught in the web of the coronavirus pandemic that torments the world thereby denying the Muslims across the globe to observe their expected Islamic activities maximally.

He, however, thanked the almighty Allah for providing windows for Muslims in the event of such challenges as relayed to them by Prophet Muhammad (SAW), saying with such kind provision and escape route, the Ummah (Muslim community), would have just a little or nothing to lose.

According to Abdul Azeez, with genuine intention, dogged dedication and commitment, believers can still achieve much and obtain high percentage of reward as well as religious satisfaction of Ramadan especially during the last ten days of the month.

He, however, cautioned that Ramadan fast is more than mere abstinence from food, drink and conjugal interactions with one’s legal spouse informing that, fasting includes steering clear of all kinds of vulgarity, foul talks, back biting, slandering and any act that can injure others’ feeling bodily arm.

Abdul Azeez asserted that, fasting is all encompassing, quoting a prophetic tradition that says, “Allah would have nothing to do with the fast of whoever cannot caution himself from foul utterances.”

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The lecturer reminded his distinguished audience of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) advice that, when somebody picks a fight with you, just tell the person that, “I am fasting, I am fasting.”

He then itemised the important segments of the last ten days and religious activities (Ibadaat) expected therein.

Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)  

Abdul Azeez, quoting from the glorious Qur’an spelt out the significance of the Night of Power or Night of Majesty, saying that one night is more important than 1000 months. One thousand months, according to his mathematical calculation comes up to about 83 years and four months.

While elucidating on that, the lecturer said any Muslim that is so lucky to have targeted and got the night while observing acts of ibadah, the reward that would accrue to him/her would be more than standing in prayers and acts of worship for over 1000 months.

Against this background, Abdul Azeez enjoined his online audience to strive hard not to miss the benefit of the night that comes up only once in a year. According to him, Allahu (SWT), when talking about the night disclosed that the Glorious Qur’an was revealed on that night.

Exact day of the Night

During the discussion, there was a question on which particular night of the last ten days harbours Laylatul Qadr? The question, according to the lecturer was not strange saying it has been a recurring decimal even since the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He gave the usual response that the night would fall on one of the last odd numbers-21, 23, 25, 27 and 29.

And perhaps to discourage laziness, the Prophet of Islam did not reveal the exact date saying his Ummah should search for it throughout the last ten days. Abdul Azeez therefore admonished that, in order not to miss out, acts of worshipped should be intensified in all the last ten days to be sure of achieving their aims of achieving the benefits.

Al-Ihtikaf (Seclusion)  

Abdul Azeez described Al-Ihtikaf as going into seclusion in the Central Mosque for the purpose of deep concentration on acts of worship during the last ten days. The aim of the act, according to him, is to savour the benefit of the last ten days in which the Night of Majesty falls.

He pointed out that, the act is one of the surest ways to prevent missing the night. The seclusion from home, he stated would guide against unnecessary detraction and aid full concentration.

Al-Ihtikaf amid Lockdown

Abdul Azeez, who observed that, the purpose of the interaction was partly to discuss the way out for those who desire Al-Ihtikaf amid the Sit at Home Order said, since no mosque would be available, the confine of homes can serve the purpose.

He allayed the fears that the reward would diminish reminding of the Prophet’s (SAW), tradition that says, “Actions would be judged according to intention,” saying, the state of the mind would determine the believers’ reward.

Since it is the universal challenges that prevent Muslims from utilising the appropriate venues for their acts of worship, Abdul Azeez said, utilising appropriate alternatives would equally yield same result.

This, he stressed, is in accordance with several divine injunctions that Allah (SWT), would not put on His servants burdens they cannot bear and that, what He wants for them is comfort and not discomfort.

Zakatul Fitr (End of Ramadan Charity)

Part of religious activities during the last ten days of Ramadan, the lecturer informed, is Zakatul Fitr (Emphatic Charity), which he said is part of the fasting activities, adding that, when not carried out at the appropriate period, the fast is not complete.

According to him, the purpose of the gesture is to make sure that no Muslim goes to the pray ground on Sallah day hungry, meaning that, the last period for it is very early morning of the Sallah day.

Quoting prophetic tradition, the scholar asserted that, any period after that, that charity would be like a day today ordinary alms giving and not the mandatory one expected of a fasting Muslim.

Articles and Measures of Zakatul-Fitr

Abdul-Azeez, who is alumnus of the University of Lagos mentioned stable food stuff of any community as the articles of Zakatul-Fitr. Giving examples, he mentioned grains like millets, maize and the likes.

On measurement, the scholar said it is about 14 milk tin full of the articles per head. Speaking further, Abdul-Azeez informed that, all dependants must be taken into consideration revealing that, even foetus yet unborn is also qualified to be considered.

And the recipients according to the lecturer are basically the needy who cannot afford to feed themselves so that they can also have something in their stomach after 30 days of fasting.


Like Ihtikaf, Abdul Azeez explained that, since no pray ground would be available for the exercise, individual families can also observe it congregationally in their various home. The difference, according to him, is that, there should not be Khutbah (Sermon), but other Adhkar (Islamic litanies), like glorification of God, praising Him and thanking Him for seeing them through would not be left out.

Putting on the best of attire, taking bath and general cleanliness as recommended by Prophet Muhammad should also be the order of the day.


It is pertinent to add here that, the forgoing included answers to several questions from the participants which were adequately handled.

Then free recharge cards as usual were shared among the attendees.

 Closing Prayer

The closing prayer was offered by Alhaja Ramilat Sanusi. Attendance was later taken by the Admin.


Next Sunday’s Lecture Series will not hold because of the Idul Fitr coming up this week. Idul-Mubarak in advance.