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Buhari prevented Nnamdi Kanu’s elimination, says Femi Adesina

Former spokesman to former President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed the significant decision made by the former president regarding Nnamdi Kanu, according to Daily Post.




According to Mr. Adesina, President Buhari played a crucial role in preventing the elimination of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the IPOB group from his hideout.



Adesina’s disclosure is embedded in his recently launched book, titled “Reflections of a Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2015-2023),” which sheds light on the inner workings of the Buhari administration.





The revelation comes as a surprise, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes decision-making that shaped the government’s approach to Kanu.


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The former spokesperson stated that the government at the time had contemplated eliminating Kanu, but President Buhari intervened to avert such drastic measures.




This revelation was reportedly made during a meeting between Buhari and a delegation of Igbo leaders operating under the banner of ‘Highly respected Igbo Greats.’





According to Adesina’s account of the meeting, President Buhari emphasized his commitment to non-interference with the judiciary, highlighting a system he had developed over six years.



Former President Buhari reportedly expressed that subjecting Kanu to the legal system was the most appropriate course of action, allowing him to make his case in court rather than resorting to extrajudicial measures.



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Buhari, as quoted by Adesina, stated, “In the past six years, I have developed a system where I don’t interfere with the judiciary.

“That was why in the case of Kanu, I said the best was to subject him to the system. Let him make his case in court instead of giving a terrible impression of the country from the outside.

“I feel it is a favor to give him (Kanu) that opportunity. The government could have mobilized to eliminate him where he was, but we did not do that.”

This revelation takes on added significance given the contentious relationship between the Nigerian government and Nnamdi Kanu, who faced charges related to terrorism.

In June 2021, Kanu was subjected to an extraordinary rendition from Kenya to continue facing trial in Nigeria.

This followed his decision to breach bail conditions and escape the country.