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Adamu Garba: Nigerians reported my Instagram account

Pascal Oparada


Staunch Buhari supporter, Adamu Garba said his Instagram account was deleted because Nigerians reported it to Instagram, he told Peoples Gazette on Wednesday. 


Garba, whose social media app, Crowwe App, was deleted from Google Play Store on Monday has had no respite from Nigerians for supporting the Twitter ban in Nigeria.


He posted on Facebook that his Instagram was taken down because of his contrary views.


“They’ve taken down my Instagram account too. This could happen to anyone for voicing out contrary opinion,” he said. 


His Crowwe App, which he touted as an alternative for Twitter, received scathing reviews from Nigerians who said the app is a phishing website and transmits users’ data to unknown locations. 


In one review, the reviewer said after installing the app, the money in his bank app disappeared. Another said he had to buy a new phone as the old one spoilt after installing the app.


The app was also reported for intellectual property theft as it emerged that he had copied the Terms and Conditions from the music app, Sportify.


The current action by Instagram has got Nigerians railing against the former presidential aspirant. 


@WaleTade said: Woke up to the news that Instagram has deleted Adamu Garba’s account a day after Google removed Crowwe from the app store. The former founder has left Twitter. Maybe using a burner account.

It is now clear more than ever that the ‘big tech’ is anti-north.”


Wale Adetona advised Garba to always separate business from politics.


“Always separate Business from Politics. 

You can’t be vocal about your political stance while being the face of your business. No one would ever patronize or trust such a business. A lesson for Adamu Garba.”

@Firstladyship said: Instagram deleted Adamu Garba’s account as well. Now he is playing the victim card. In life & in politics, “interest” rules. Right now? Jack & our interest align. So we must embrace Twitter wholeheartedly. Trashy Crowwe, National interest & Twitter being suspect, are nonsensical.”