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People say different things about prostitution. While many see prostitutes as some lazy, cheap, and filthy ladies who sleep indiscriminately with men for a fee and should be penalized under the law as prostitution remains a criminal act, there are a few who think this set of people should be allowed legal access to live and operate freely as the decision to be whatever or whoever comes from a free will and should be respected by all.

They think prostitutìon should be criminalized. After all, every woman in that situation and others wherever have a peculiar story. It may be OK or the best way out for this girl to pay her way through a higher school of learning or for that woman who needs to pick several bills for her children including ailing relatives and it just might be no big deal for that girl who had been molested as a child, and had to seek a place of abode with other women in the business. I mean, there is just no other choice for her to eat and generally cater for her needs.

Whatever the reason or reasons behind anyone’s choice of prostituting, it is crystal clear that it remains one job that no one in his or her right senses is proud of.
Or is there anyone who will encourage anyone close to him to quit a bad job to become a prostitute?
Hell No! Anyone will readily say.

Strangely, prostitution has remained in society and it is one trade whatever it is called that is daily taking new dimensions and thriving by the seconds.

Findings have equally revealed that at least 45 per cent of young women, these days, engage in one act of prostitution or the other.
Experts in different fields, economy, psychology, sociology, sexology and human welfarism have given finance, abuse and other sexual needs as some of the reasons women of different ages prostitute.

Well, while a lot has been said on why women engage in prostitution with many telling their stories, it is just good to explore reasons some men patronise them.
Yes, it is just right because it takes two to tango and, of course, there would have been no prostitutes in any society if the male patrons are non-existent.
Do you now see why it is not just a woman’s issue?
Of course, the men are also guilty because they are the livewire of the trade.
But before you begin to use your sword of war even on the men, it behoves you to find out why some go after them.

John Idera (not real name), a computer guru told yours truly his reason for visiting a prostitute even when he saw them as people not worthy of being associated with.


“I was a 32-year-old virgin when I first visited a prostitute. I had lived with my grandmother all my life, helping her on the farm and selling off the outputs to keep body and soul together.

We were just three, me, my younger brother, and my grandmother. The weight of the entire responsibility was absolutely on me and I made up my mind never to rest on my oars especially until my exceptionally brilliant brother was seen through school. For many years, I was dedicatedly working on the farm, expanding it and caring for both my brother and grandma such that I was only reminded of my sexuality early in the morning and those times that I had to ease myself.

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Thankfully, with time, I was able to achieve my aim as my brother did not only graduate as a medical doctor, I also got admitted into the university to study Computer Science at the age of 25.
By this time, I had become so fond of the computer that I rarely had time to even keep or share feelings and ideas with friends. I rarely had male friends least of all female friends.

Of fact, I must say that my solitary lifestyle succeeded in making me very shy and buried in work so much that I ended up being denied opportunities at school and university that ought to have given my sex life a start. I did not feel free to have a lively discussion with the opposite sex and every day I feel pained, especially whenever my room or classmates discuss issues related to this.

My situation remained like that until I graduated. Even after graduation, I ended up in an IT job, full of other single male geeks. When I clocked 30 and my younger brother brought his girlfriend to my house and I overheard her moaning away for pleasure throughout the night while I stayed glued to some work on the computer that I started to worry about this aspect missing in my life.

At that point, I got thinking, at my age, would I ever be able to get a woman to that level? What was I to do to be equipped for this? Here was a boy that I brought up having the very fun of his life in an area that I could never have had a word of counseling for him should he ask.

My lack of experience became a major worry and I decided to take a bold step on it.
I was tempted to try online dating, but I decided against it because I knew that anyone I might meet would be more sexually experienced than me, and I might turn her off by my unimpressive grasp on the issue.

As an expert in websites and forums, I decided to do some research on how to go about it. I researched diligently, read up on the pros and cons, and the dangers or health implications of seeing a sex worker.
It was the only option best for a novice like me.

I selected a meeting point and picked a woman more mature as I felt it would be easier, somehow, to confess my inexperience to her without getting reactions that would embarrass or discourage me.
My performance, of course, was as you might have expected from a first-timer. Even I was ashamed of my performance. But the woman was both sympathetic and understanding. She didn’t condemn me rather she counseled and told me it would get better.

I came back to her a few more times and earned her pass mark.
She put me through some hot and irregular sessions and ensured that I mastered all.
Of course, I rewarded her generously for her patience and training. She did not tongue-lash me and I enjoyed her company as much as the fun we both had.
I left after each session with a feeling of relief that I’d got all that I needed to know most especially, that I was done and over with the virgin stuff.

I had since gone boldly for younger girls and I’ve had fantastic experiences and none of the girls could deny it, all thanks to my teacher.
I am currently in a steady relationship and the rate with which my partner had displayed jealousy whenever she got a wind of another woman around me is a plain proof of my strength and expertise in bed.

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