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We’ll accept New National Minimum Wage if… NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has insisted that it would accede to a new National Minimum Wage only on the condition that the amount must be in consonance with current economic realities in the country.

Joe Ajaero, president of the Congress made the condition known at the 19th edition of the NLC 2023 Harmattan School in Abuja.

Benjamin Anthony, Vice President, who represented Ajaero, harped on the need for governments at all levels to appreciate the challenging living conditions confronting the people in whatever decisions they make.

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According to him: “The removal of subsidies on petroleum products has further worsened the challenges faced by working people. That is unleashing severe pain and contributing to galloping inflation and increasing inequality and poverty.


“We must reckon that a well-motivated and well-remunerated workforce has a positive impact on productivity and national development. As we anticipate the commencement of negotiations for the National Minimum Wage in 2024, we seek the understanding of all stakeholders to ensure that we use this opportunity to arrive at a minimum wage commensurate with the prevailing cost of living.”


The NLC boss again condemned the recent assault on workers and their leaders in Imo State.


“This should unequivocally be condemned by all people of goodwill. The only thing that can assuage our pains is for the Imo government to address all labour issues,” he said.


“They are also to return the so-called ‘ghost workers’ to their jobs, pay all outstanding salaries and pensions, and call back all victimised workers to their jobs.”