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Rocking your bow tie

Bow ties gives you confidence, style and a cool attitude whenever you step out in your outfit. A fashion piece that goes for both sex, bow ties are a – must have for every fashion-conscious man or woman.

Perfect for any formal event whether day or night, they can be worn on suits, blazers or a dress shirt. Cute and unnecessary as this fashion item is, you can easily go wrong with it. To avoid this, therefore, the following  rules must be observed.

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•          Make a wise decision in choosing the kind of tie you want to go for whether  self, ready-tie, or clip-on bow tie

•          Since fashion comes with comfort, pick between a fixed-size or adjustable bow tie

•         Whether your choice is  the butterfly, big Butterfly, bat wing, diamond point  or the rounded club style, make sure your bow matches  the occasion.

•         To get a stylish look with bow tie, keep your outfit simple but creative