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OPINION: Hope Uzodimma is not of PDP

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike

We have read the epistle written to Senator Hope Uzodimma by Sam Onwuemeodo on behalf of his headmaster, Senator Rochas Okorocha, entitled:


Some rather very critical and crucial weighty assertions were made by the writers of that epistle, who were actually responding to some earlier weighty critical and crucial statements by Uzodimma.

Some unmistakable faulty assertions that should qualify as unquotable quotes made by Camproche against Camphope include the following:

“The government in Imo as we speak or as we write, is APC in name, but totally PDP faction in structure and in actions. The governor has not done anything to show that he is of APC and that his government is that of APC. The government is Camphope government made up of those who were with him in his own faction of the PDP.

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“The man he appointed Secretary to the State Government, Chief Cosmos Iwu, Junior brother of the former INEC Chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu is a PDP member and was also in the same position during the previous PDP government in the state.

His Chief of Staff, Chief Nnamdi Anyaehie was the State Chairman of his own faction of the PDP in the state. The man he gave Adams Oshiomhole to be made the Chairman of the caretaker committee of APC, Chief Marcillinus Nlemigbo, was one time Chairman of PDP in the state. We can go on and on, to name them.”

Much as we in Imo PDP don’t care a hoot about whether it’s APC or Camphope that’s been in Douglas House since January 15, 2020, we certainly are very concerned about the deliberate errors of judgement and expression by Senator Okorocha via his media aide, Sam Onwuemeodo.

For instance, it’s grave mischief and even treacherous to aver that Uzodimma and his loyalists or apologists are of the PDP. That’s terminological misrepresentation. Except, it was an error in tense, there’s no way anybody could correctly state that: “Chief Cosmos Iwu is a PDP member”!

From the deep structure revelation by Owelle Rochas Okorocha, his far back friend and co-conspirator, Uzodimma isn’t a member of APC, but a leader of Camphope political pressure group.

Okorocha said: “The governor has not done anything to show that he is of APC and that his government, is that of APC. The government is Camphope government made up of those who were with him in his own faction of the PDP.”

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Our position on that is if Imo APC disowns and disclaims Uzodimma, let it not impose upon him a fallacious membership of Imo PDP. Uzodimma isn’t a member of PDP!

It’s terminological inexactitude by Camproche to simultaneously argue that Uzodimma is of Camphope political pressure group and of PDP. He may obviously be of Camphope, but certainly not of PDP.

Our party, PDP, by the provisions of its Constitution, doesn’t support political party dual citizenship for its members. You’re either in PDP or you’re not!

Yes, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and Ugwumba Uche Nwosu were dual citizens of APC and AA, for which the guber candidature of both Imo APC and Imo AA were disqualified by the Supreme Court on December 20, 2019.

Neither Imo APC nor Imo AA had a candidate in the 2019 governorship election. So said the Supreme Court in its ebullient monumental judgement on December 20, 2019!

But if as the Okorocha faction of Imo APC has denied membership of Uzodimma faction in APC, the only truth they may have told was that Uzodimma is of Camphope. But Imo PDP doesn’t care about that!

Associating Uzodimma with PDP is as bad as associating Okorocha with membership of PDP just because once upon a time, Okorocha was of PDP. Is Okorocha a PDP member?

If the correct answer is no, then it’s wrong to suggest that Uzodimma is of PDP in any way or guise. That mindset was warped because after Uzodimma and his Camphope political pressure group were defeated with Ali Modu Sheriff at the Supreme Court with factual facts and figures without errors, they found the reformed and rebranded PDP too purified to be further polluted by Obote men.

Hence, sometime in mid-2018, Sheriff and Uzodimma, with their discredited, defeated, shamed and disgraced members, defected enmasse from PDP purportedly to APC. From thence they ceased to be PDP members till date. That was over two years ago!

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The Imo PDP would really not want to be dragged into whatever cookies are cooking in the kitchen of Camproche and Camphope in Imo State. They both must do their political battles, but leave PDP out of it.

PDP is well-organized. PDP is populated by true democratic and progressive politicians. PDP is led by serious-minded citizens. PDP is focused!

Those who are found lacking and wanting of the attributes of integrity, honesty, humility and loyalty, always excuse themselves from PDP or are disciplined by dictates of the PDP Constitution.

It’s very important, therefore, for people, including Senator Rochas Okorocha and his media aides to be decorous and circumspect in their views on PDP.

The PDP knows its leaders and members at all levels. Uzodimma and his Camphope political pressure group loyalists and apologists are conclusively not of PDP! QED!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!

Nwadike is the PDP publicity secretary of Imo State