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Oluwo advocates death penalty for ritualists, murderers, kidnappers, others

Razaq Bamidele

A First Class Monarch in Osun State and the Oluwo of Iwoland, His Royal Majesty, Oba Abdu-rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1), has suggested that the best way to decongest all the Correctional Centres across the country is the prompt implementation of capital punishment for a certain category of criminals.

Oba Adewale Aanbi in a video message he posted on the internet was reacting to news item from America about one Donald Anthony Grant who happened to be the first offender to be executed in America in January 2022, wondering, “if America can implement and enforce death penalty for animals among humans, why not Nigeria?!”

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According to the concerned monarch, Nigeria is full of animals in the form of ritual murderers, kidnappers and terrorists that are qualified to be executed, lamenting that, “blood of innocent people particularly, our children is flowing freely on the streets every day!”

He therefore sent an emergency appeal to the Federal and State Governments to do something on the daily incessant ritual killings and murders pervading the Southern part of Nigeria most especially, stressing that, “as a traditional ruler and one of the fathers of the nation, I cannot fold my hands and watch my children killed like fowls under my very eyes.” It is an unacceptable abomination; he condemned it with all emphasis at his disposal.

The vocal, well exposed and widely travelled monarch insisted that, unless the death penalty is upheld in the country, the Correctional centres would remain very congested and unsuitable for human habitation, asserting that something very drastic has to be done to sanitise the society.