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Musician advises colleagues to preach peace, love and harmony with music

A dance-hall artiste, Edet Asukwo, popularly known as “Kasual’’ on Friday urged fellow musicians to use the various platforms provided by their music to preach peace, love and harmony among Nigerians.

Asukwo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that people had evolved with their different cultures over time.

“Our music should, therefore,preach love, peace and harmony to fit into the existing cultures, ” he said.

He said that music, essentially, was to modulate emotions of the society for them to do good, love and maintain peace with one another.

“When we preach togetherness through music, it will develop the power to culturally, morally and emotionally influence our society.

“Unfortunately, there are myriad of issues confronting us in this country.

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” We get to hear about kidnappings, killings, armed robbery, ritual killings, drug abuse, violence in schools and materialism.

“But by listening to well composed and meaningful music, we will soothe, woo, engage and cheer us up into lively moods.

” Music also is an important tool for bonding and caring, ’’ he said.

He said that music could help people to feel relaxed as well as help to create certain emotions depicting happiness, calmness or being sad.

“Regardless of age, health, or emotional state, music will improve your quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety, improving your mood, and enhancing your sleep quality.

“Music boosts brain chemicals, provides easy ways to improve ones mental and physical health, affects ones emotions, which will naturally lead to a better life,’’ he said.(NAN)