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Int’l migrant day: JIFORM pushes for review of policy to benefit all

Razaq Bamidele

As the world marks 2019, International Migrants Day, Journalists International Forum for Migration (JIFORM), has called on nations and the media to be at the forefront of abolishing all dichotomies against human migration.

This is, according to the group’s President, Mr. Abayomi Ajibola, is with a view to promoting safe and regular migration in other to encourage unhindered human movements across the globe.

“Migration is as old as man. It is not a crime however without prejudice, the right of every country and system is to stem the tide of criminality in all forms,” he declared.

Ajibola said the JIFORM is of the view that migrants are potential economic developers and should be treated with all respects as contained in the frame work of international law and United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

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The group therefore recommends the example of Nigeria through the migrant-e registration that allows all migrants in Nigeria to register with the Nigeria Immigration Service with a view to capturing their data and regularizing their status instead of harsh conditions migrants are subjected to in Europe and other continents.  

The world, according to him, must not lose the sight of the fact that many countries are still treating migrants as criminals by subjecting them to all forms of abuses.

“JIFORM hereby charges media to drop the usage of the word ‘illegal’ to describe migrants and completely refrain from blaming them for their actions in relation to migration.  

“We endorse the charter for Africa particularly in relation to this era of rapid globalization, human migration has evolved into a dynamic phenomenon with respect to the multitude of factors contributing to the migration of unparalleled numbers of migrants across immense geographical trajectories,” JIFORM boss submitted.

Concluding, Ajibola advised that the Africa Union must reflect on the nine thematic adopted  during  its ECouncil Ninth Ordinary Session 25–29 June 2006 Banjul, in Gambia and formulate policies to implement actions on : “Labor migration, Border Management, Irregular Migration, Forced Displacement, Human Rights of Migrants, Internal Migration,  Migration Data, Migration and Development, and  Inter-State co-operation and partnerships to develop the  continent.”