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If you want divorce, pay me N200,000 – Man tells wife

A divorce-seeking  wife in Kaduna State may have to pay her estranged husband, N200,000 before he would accede to her request.
The 40-year-old Abdullahi Mustafa on Wednesday made the demand as a condition to agree to the divorce petition his wife, Asma’u, brought to a Shari’a court in Magajin Gari, to opt out of their 10-year-old marriage.

The marriage shall be nullified  by Khul’i, a process where a wife returns dowry to her husband.

However, Mustafa told the court that he would not accept the N20,000 dowry he gave Asma’u when he married her in 2011 because of the depreciated value of naira, arguing that the amount would be inadequate to marry a new wife in today’s Nigeria.

He said: “Time has changed and the value of Naira has depreciated. Marriages are costly, as such, I can’t accept the old dowry.”

The judge, Murtala Nasir, deferred ruling on the matter till August 9.