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Hensard University: Hundreds of students take aptitude tests

...As admission screening starts

Hundreds of students took screening and aptitude tests for admission of applicants to Hensard University’s academic activities in its 30 programmes spread across five faculties, and the Hensard Foundation School.




The screening was to ensure candidates meet academic qualifications and values that are required to study at Hensard.




“Students turned up in their numbers for the undergraduate programmes and the Foundation School. They participated in the aptitude tests and were delighted to use the facilities in our lecture halls. It is the first phase of the screening,” the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dileep Kumar M. said.



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He said the screening was for the university to have students of exceptional academic excellence in line with Hensard University’s vision, “Aspire to be a top-tier academic, research, and entrepreneurial university, producing ethical and responsible students and professionals who are committed to sustainable development”.





The second phase of the screening which includes students who applied to the Hensard Foundation School starts, on Tuesday.




Why Choose Hensard University?
Hensard University offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for students.


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Our dual certification policy allows students to earn two degrees—one from Hensard University and another from our partner institutions, enhancing their qualifications and expanding their opportunities.





Additionally, our international student exchange programmes provide global perspectives and foster cultural understanding. Students also benefit from industry mentorship, practical entrepreneurship training, and the availability of startup funds through our Students’ Cooperative, empowering them to succeed in their chosen careers.





To learn more about Hensard University, our programmes, and the admissions process, please visit our official website at https://HensardUniversity.edu.ng. For any inquiries or information, we can be reached through the following channels:

Social Media:
Twitter – @HensardUni
Facebook – @HensardUniversity
Instagram – @HensardUniversity
LinkedIn – @HensardUniversity
YouTube – @HensardUniversity

Enquiries – info@hensarduniversity.edu.ng
Admissions Office – Admissions@hensarduniversity.edu.ng

Phone Numbers:
Enquiries – +234 916 998 5153
Admissions Office – +234 916 998 5160

At Hensard University, we are dedicated to providing a conducive learning environment and empowering students to achieve their academic and career goals.