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#ChildNotBride: Outrage as Alhaji marries 11-yr-old-girl in Kano

The social media space was inflamed, on Wednesday evening, as a Kano State-based Alhaji took an 11-years-old-girl as bride in Kano, Daily Blast reports

Daily Blast said that the Alhaji had claimed that the girl, obviously a minor, was his choice because they were in love with each other.

His action had triggered reaction from Twitter and other social media spaces by Nigerians who frowned as early marriage that is mostly practised in Northern Nigeria.

Read reactions below:

“She is my choice, I married her because we love each other” Kano lünåtic & còdeine smóking Alhaji says after marrying an 11-year-old girl. Òlosi Just imagine the child abuse What kind of religion or culture that allows this sacrilege and abomination? Gosh! She is just a baby!” – Princess Oniru

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“So, you will give away your daughter at age 11years? This man need to visit Yaba left.” – Ogonna Florence

“When Aisha Yesufu dances with Hijab it becomes an Haram, but being a Pedophile is not Haram Hypocrisy at its peak.” – Harry Black

“Highly shameless pædophile. I wonder what his granddaughter(s) think of him.” – Kudos OGL

“Sir this is totally unacceptable and evil…sir how can you stop this…even most of the sharia countries are against this…..below is an article. 18 Hijri years Marriage contract needs to be registered in a Sharia court in the Legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri years.” – Heal the world

“The Alhaji should be sent to jail.” – Omega

“What kind of love is this ? I blamed the parents of the girl for allowing such. This man is EVIL !”

“The parents of this girl should be arrested. This is completely unacceptable. This old man should be ashamed of himself.” – Bubble Sandy

Watch video here:

Video: Alhaji marries 11-year-old girl in Kano, says they love each other and she’s his choice.😱


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