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BREAKING: We stand with Nigerians, feel your pain, says Speaker 

Speaker of the House not Representatives, Abbas Tajudeen said on Thursday, February 8, that the House feels the pains of the Nigerian people and stands with them in their cry for a better living standard, Nation reports.





The speaker, who spoke at a world press conference in Abuja, said the House was not oblivion of the rising cases of insecurity in the country, saying that it would do everything to assist the government in achieving conducive living conditions for the Nigerian people.



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He said the fabric of the Nigerian society was currently being tested by events around the country, but stressed that despite the challenges, the resilience and unity of the country has remained intact.


He said the launch of two attack helicopters for the Nigerian Air Force was a clear indication that the government was determined to address the security challenges in the country, stressing that the House would give all the needed support to the government.



He said the proposed security summit by the House is aimed at bringing together experts to brainstorm on possible ways of addressing the rising security challenges in the country.