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Blue Gate shows more at their online UPS fest in Lagos

In continuing their provision of Eco-friendly Power Products and a passionate zeal to save mission-critical equipment and sensitive appliances -MRI scanners, ATMs, Server PCs, Elevators, etc.; BLUE GATE, the leading brand in Alternative Power and Consumer Electronics Products has displayed more capacities of their Online UPS Series to several power back-up dealers and stakeholders  across the country, in an event which was held at NECA House Ikeja.

Speaking during the event, one of the attendees from Abuja, JP Maduaka, expressing his thoughts, stated that for over 15 years he has been dealing with BLUE GATE Online UPS, the reviews from his customers have been very encouraging and reinforcing for him to maintain his dealership.

Mr. Hakeem Morounfolu from Lagos affirmed that 5 years of dealership with BLUE GATE products has availed him the opportunity to offer a wide range of Online UPS options and indeed other BLUE GATE products to his corporate and individual customers. Continuing further on obtaining views of the attendees, they took time to express the quality consistency and reliability of the range of BLUE GATE Online UPS products and are glad for a wider range offering at this time and a forum like this.  

During an interview with Amauche Chidozie, the company’s Executive Director, she said: “…we have paid a lot of attention on our processes and quality control mechanisms and with all sense of modesty we can say we have built a track record of excellence, durability, and reliability through our system of quality assurance procedures by constantly pushing ourselves, engaging in robust research and re-engineering our processes to fully meet all standards and trending power backup lifestyle needs of our customers. We are passionate about what we do and love to be of service to our dear customers and business associates. So we are here today as part of our service delivery to meet directly with our partners, show them more capacities of our Online UPS Series, and get their feedbacks on how we can serve them better.”

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The BLUE GATE Product General Manager, Rolland Emuobor, also explained that the BLUE GATE Online UPS series are of advanced power backup technology that supplies and maintains continuous electricity supply direct from batteries at ZERO TRANSFER TIME to connected equipment, while allowing users ample time switch to preferred power source.

In his words, Rolland said: ‘’our Online UPS series are rightly Pocket-friendly, easy to use, maintain and a necessity for mission-critical equipment used in our diagnostic centres and hospitals. No one would want the equipment in a hospital theatre, for instance, to fail because of little time lag in power outages or changeovers during surgical operations. BLUE GATE Online UPS ensures that there is no nano-second time lag when changing to any power source. The product further provides assured guards to other industries and sensitive appliances like digital printers, bank ATMs, Server PCs, Air Traffic Control Rooms, elevators/lift/escalators, among others.’’

Dr. Osita Godson emphasised the BLUE GATE all-time passionate desire to provide power back-up needs and protective products for sensitive appliances and equipment during power changeover or power fluctuations which has made the brand delve into this advanced power backup technology, and has virtually remained every buyers’ choice in their over 20 years presence in the Nigerian alternative power (backup) products market. He maintained that BLUE GATE is a trusted solution when it comes to power backup needs and its state of the art after-sales services.

The Head of Engineering and Technical Support, Engr. Ubong, after concluding the mind-blowing presentation on BLUE GATE Online UPS Series, it’s uses and benefits took the attendees: newsmen, business associates and other power backup stakeholders to the well prepared “Experience Centre” where further examination and explanations were done with the products (3KVA to 120KVA) with all questions asked and answered to the satisfaction of all.

The Head of Engineering and Technical Support, Mr.Ubong further clarified that: “while the 3KVA Online UPS supports data centres, IT equipment, ATM, and other sensitive equipment of meagre loads, 6KVA Online UPS handles such devices as photo and studio machines, 20KVA will support elevators, and 40 to 60KVA upwards guard mission-critical MRI scanners, etc. found in hospitals and other industries. Low and high frequency BLUE GATE Online UPS of various capacities displayed here are designed to handle different customer equipment loads and needs. So our Engineers are always available to provide technical support and advice to our customers on best options based on their capacity needs before settling for a model of BLUE GATE product. In addition, we provide excellent warranty and strong after-sales support for all our products and customers”.

The independent contractors and Engineers in attendance also took their time to discuss the needs of their clients and how those needs can be served with BLUE GATE Online UPS series. Older partners expressed their views and went further to seal other business proposition at the Fest. The Head of Engineering and Technical Support went ahead to discuss the After-Sales Services and how they can take advantage of the opportunities it provides. 

The brand in their usual way, gave out BLUE GATE products for different entertainment activities engaged at the Fest which further brought to life the BLUE GATE philosophy “… optimal customer satisfaction”. Videos of CSR capacity building activities of brand were shown, business cards exchanged, the attendees were served with delicious meals, a toast to all BLUE GATE Customers, the brand and all business associates was done to the delight of all and all left in good and high spirits. It was indeed an event of high business and knowledge exchange. We wish BLUE GATE all the best as it continues to serve its customers.