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3 Nigerian Students win 3rd Prize in Global Final of Huawei ICT Competition

…Huawei Continues Job Fair and Campus talk, Visits University of Lagos

Representatives of Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited, in continuation of the company’s efforts to prepare students for their future careers in Information and Communications Technology by creating a direct interaction with the organization, visited the University of Lagos to host a one-day campus talk and job fair at the Afe Babalola Auditorium.

Kenneth Igwe, Huawei Channel Training Manager (ICT Talent Ecosystem Development) in Nigeria, in an interview with the press stated that “this event is organized by Huawei to meet with students from the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy universities and related colleges (Huawei ICT Academy), interact with them, introduce Huawei brand and ideas, and then select excellent students through two evaluation process, test and interview for employment in Huawei and Huawei partners.”

He added that “the program completes the circle of the Huawei ICT talent ecosystem development, where Huawei trains and certify students, and then provide them with work and experience opportunities.”

Professor Ben E.A Oghojafor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos commended the visit of Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited stating that “the program is highly beneficial to the students”.

He also encouraged more of these activities by the company. Speaking at the event, he said “we are indeed very proud that Huawei has taken this step in the right direction by partnering with all other stakeholders for this event. The students are assembled and enthusiastic as they look forward to a better future. Soft skills are not taught in the classroom or at home. This platform gives students the opportunity they need to sharpen their soft skills”.

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Dr. Sennaike Oladipupo, a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Lagos, said “the effort by Huawei is very commendable and we hope to have it periodically. Now our students will have the opportunity to get employed through the program. This event also enables the students prepare for the labour market.”

 The global final of Huawei ICT competition, a top-level event for students in the field, concluded on 26th May at the company’s new headquarters in southern China’s city of Dongguan.

This is the only team that emerged winner in the global ICT contest, whereThe team of Nigerian students competed with 49 other teams with a th total of 147 students representing 30 countries racingraced for the global trophy.

There were four first-prize winners, from China, Malaysia, Peru and Algeria. Participants from Nigeria won the 3rd prize. They are the only winner team in the 5 Southern Africa representative teams. We warmly welcome these world-class ICT talents to return home at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

Adebayo Abdulqudus, a 22-year-old Nigerian university student on the team, describing the dedication and hard work it took the team of Nigerian students to , was aimheading for the top trophy, said “For the past eight months, we left our families, we left relatives, we left our friends, we left out social lives, and we want these and we want participated in the Huawei ICT competition to win. Though we got the 3rd the prize at the global finals, but our participation, the experience and the opportunity to learn is the most important thing of all”.

Huawei ICT competition is an annual routine ICT event for students created by Huawei.

It aims to provide an international competitive and communication platform for Huawei ICT Academies and the colleges and universities that are willing to become Huawei ICT Academy. To increase students’ communication technology and improve their practice, application skills and innovation awareness.

This is the fourth ICT competition held by Huawei. Since its launch in June 2018, Over 100 thousand university students from 61 countries participated. Most of them are from the developing countries. Using what they learn to change their countries is a common wish for them.

The Huawei ICT Competition is a global ICT talent competition exchange event, which is aimed at thecomprises of Huawei Authorized Information and Network TechnologyAcademy universities College (Huawei ICT Academy) and related colleges universities (Huawei ICT Academy).

Since the first Huawei ICT Contest held in 2015, the number of participants in the competition has grown exponentially and this has become one of the largest ICT events in the world. The 2018/19 event has attracted more than 1,000 universities in more than over 50 countries around the world under the slogan “Connection, Glory and Future”.

The total number of students participating globally was 80,000 students, including 28,  000 students from Sub- SaharnSaharan Africa.

Nigeria, at the heart of development, is playing a key role in representing Africa on the global scale of ICT knowledge and capacity building. With a growing youth population and rapid advancement in innovation and technology, Nigeria scales high and is noticeably being positioned on the world map for its ICT talents.

In May, three Nigerian students emerged among the top three winners in the Global Final of the Huawei ICT Competition, held at the company’s headquarters in Dongguan, China, competing with 49 other teams and a total of 147 students representing 30 countries racing for the global trophy.

Afam-Akpor Daniel Onyekachukwu, a student of Computer Science, University of Lagos, responding to press interviews on the event said “this is highly engaging and motivating. It taught me a lot personally given that this is the first time I am attending an interview. I hope Huawei will continue this next year.”

When asked about how this affects his future career ambition, he said “like it was said at the event, a time is coming when BSc. will no longer be sufficient. This job fair and campus talk increased my hunger for more certifications and more programs like this that can help me focus not only my academics but developing myself in other professional skills”.

Adegoke Ahmad Kehinde, a student of Electronic Electrical Engineering said “the event was fascinating, interesting challenging and enlightening. It is an amazing and priceless opportunity.  Feel lucky to be here”.

When asked about how this affects his future career ambition, he said “This has a huge impact on me. I am more motivated to explore more and invest more in myself. I learnt that everything I aim at is available.”

Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited has continuously positioned itself in Nigeria at the forefront of driving ICT skills development through knowledge transfer schemes and partnerships with universities and academic institutions.

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The organisation recently celebrated the achievement of some Nigerian students for their remarkable performance (emerging among the top three winners competing with 49 other teams and a total of 147 students representing 30 countries) at the Huawei Global ICT Competition held in China, as well as launch and sign the MoU (between Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited and National Information Technology Development Agency) for the participation of Nigeria in the 2019/2020 national ICT competition edition.

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Communications, M.F. Istifanus, represented by the Director of ICT, Federal Ministry of Communications, Dr. Moni Udoh, during the Huawei ICT Award Ceremony had recently applauded Huawei Technologies for an increased partnership with universities and colleges across Nigeria in the last twelve months which has resulted to “more than 55 MoUs signed with partners to be Huawei ICT Academies and giving more than 13,000 students opportunities to participate in the recently concluded Huawei 2018 – 2019 ICT Competition.

“We appreciate the attention Huawei has paid to this program, by focusing not only on the students but also, building the skills and capacities of our Universities and lecturers. 

“We strongly believe that the skills transferred through this programme will enhance the quality of our educational system and provide economic opportunities to individuals as well as the broader economic development of not only Nigeria but the whole of Africa.”

The best Nigerian participates we sent to join the competition won the national competition with the full scores, which is rare in the global. And they won regional competition with the first prize. Eventually got the chance to attend the global final and compete with 49 teams from 30 countries, a total of 147 students on the same stage.

Adebayo Abdulqudus, 22-year-old Nigerian university student, was heading for the top trophy, said “For the past eight months, we left our families, we left relatives, we left our friends, we left out social lives, we want these and we want to win. Though we got the 3rd the prize, but our participation, the experience and the opportunity to learn is the most important thing of all”.

Media and Communications Manager, Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited, Emmanuel O. Adereti, Tank Li, Managing Director-General Manager of Huawei Abuja Office, Nigeria, said “this year marks the 20th Year of Huawei operating in Nigeria.

Huawei through our many CSR programs aims to reach many lives in Nigeria, especially through the education sector. For example, we also have the Seeds for the future Program, where we send 10 students from Nigeria to China for 2 weeks on core ICT skills training and to mix with other international students, all expenses covered by Huawei. We have done this for the past 4 years now.”

“Huawei will continue to invest in collaboration with universities and continuously supply excellent candidates to Huawei’s ICT talent eco-system. Huawei’s vision in Nigeria is to create an ICT talent Ecosystem that will form the foundation in the digitalisation plan for the nearest future.” He added.

The Huawei job fair and campus talk team that visited University of Lagos was made up of 8 members led by the Deputy Human Resources Director, Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited, Dorothy Johnson, who said that “this is the second campus talk and job fair we are holding this year and in the coming year we plan to visit more universities across the country which are part of the Huawei Authorised Information and Network Academy universities and related colleges (Huawei ICT Academy)”

“Huawei places a great emphasis on selecting the best Nigerian Students with Huawei Certificates through the job fair program. So far, after 2 rounds of interviews, there are over 20 candidates who have passed the first screening, among whom 10 are expected to get an offer for industrial training, NYSC placement, among other opportunities,” she added.

 “Talent eco-system is the core supporting of the strategy ‘platform + AI+ eco-system’. People are the most important factor in eco-system and the foundation for maintaining the vitality and sustained growth of the industrial chain. Huawei understands the value of a good talent ecosystem which is the foundation for a smart future. In the past 30 years, Huawei has made a lot of efforts to cultivate ICT talents by sharing accumulated knowledge systems and best practices.

“Faced with the challenges of the future ICT industry, Huawei has established a global ICT talent certification standard, and combined with educational institutions, industry associations and various partners to establish an ICT talent training platform to jointly build a benign ICT talent ecosystemthis ICT competition is part of our innovative initiatives to support and promote ICT skills.

“We believe that this event will inspire more students’ interest in ICT learning in Africa. This platform provides students with a world class stage to showcase themselves and consolidate the vital ICT needed for Africa’s development.”

This March, the team of Nigerian students emerged first place alongside Tanzania, Kenya and Angola to represent Africa at the global stage to compete for the world ICT title in Huawei Technologies’ flagship ICT development program set to hold in China, May 2019.The Nigerian team of students ranked number one leading with a dominant score of 790.4, followed by Tanzania with 745.6, then Kenya with 737 and Angola with 700.8.

With slogan of “Connection,Glory,Future”, the 4th Huawei ICT Competition has come to the end. Huawei hopes to attract more ICT universities and colleges, government organisations, industry organizations, training partners, and industry companies to participate in and jointly enhance the digital skills of students for education and industry transformation.

In order to achieve the goal of technology excellence and relaying far-reaching goals, Huawei will continue to do a good job in the formulation of talent standards, the builders of talent alliances, and the disseminators of talent value, and build a benign ICT talent ecosystem. Hope to help the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry, to bring the digital world to everyone, every family, every organization, and building a smart world of Internet of Everything.