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“You’ll be in trouble”: APC agent, MC Oluomo caught on video allegedly threatening voters who won’t vote Tinubu

A video shared on social media reveals an APC agent telling voters that if they cannot vote for Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate (APC), they should go home.

The video posited on Twitter by Rinu Oduala, an activist showed the agent threatening voters and asking them to go home if their choice is not Tinubu.

“If you no fit APC for here, go your house,” the agent said on the video.

The agent refused to accredit voters who did not indicate whom they are voting for.

He said he go verify each voter’s choice.

“I will go and check it, if I see you vote for another party, you will be in trouble, the agent said.

He reiterated to voters that where they are is an APC stronghold.

In another video, MC Oluomo, a staunch supporter of Tinubu, was seen telling people to go home if their choice is not APC.