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Woman uses hot iron on boy, asks him how does it feels?

Priscilla Ofunre, Ado-Ekiti

A woman, Mrs. Dayo Korode, 33, has, aside inflicting so much injuries on her step son, 8, also used hot iron on him to confirm its hotness.

Mrs. Korode, who had been married to the boy’s father for five years, said she did it to correct the boy.

The various degrees of injuries sustained included: the use of hot iron on the boy’s palm, swollen ear and eyes resulting from beatings from belt and scars of various shapes on boy’s body from frequent beatings.

The intervention of the Special Assistant on Gender and Vulnerable Persons, Mrs. Seyi Ojo to wife of the state’s governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, brought this to the fore with the aid of pictures sent to her office by the management of the boy’s school who noticed the height of injury.

Accoding to Mrs. Ojo, “It was the management of the boy’s school who noticed the swollen on the boy’s ear, eyes and the blisters on his palm from hot iron placed on it, that sent pictures of the injuries sustained to our office and we swung into action immediately, by inviting them”.

Upon her arrival, Mrs. Korode, said she had employed that means in order to correct the boy.

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“I resolved to do that in accordance with Yoruba tradition that a child of one’s husband is also one’s child; the reason for the chastisement.

 “He didn’t do the homework given to him last week from school, which was the reason I beat him. I didn’t mean any harm”.

The boy, who confessed to frequent mistreatments from his step-mother, said his father was based outside the shores of Nigeria and that the step-mother did not always beat him whenever the father was around. He also said he saw his father last in December 2018.

“In my house, it was in the night. My mother checked my homework and she said I did not do it very well. She now beat me with a belt and it met my eyes.

“Yesterday, she asked me why did she place the iron on the floor and I said, I don’t know, she now used the iron on my palm and asked me how did it feel?”