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US President clears air on alleged coup to overthrow Venezuela leader

President Donald Trump of the United States, on Friday, said he would send an army to topple his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro if he wanted to.

Trump said this while speaking on Fox and Friends, a live talk show on Fox Television as he denied the U.S. involvement in an alleged recent coup attempt on Maduro.

We have nothing to do with it. If I wanted to go into Venezuela, I would not make a secret about it.

“I would go in, I would go in and they would do nothing about it, they would roll over.

“I would not send a small little group, it would be called an army,” he said.

Trump stressed that he would find out the true events but insisted the U.S. would not handle it that way if it was involved in the mission.

Meanwhile, Venezuela President in a live broadcast on Monday, alleged that a group of “mercenaries” invaded Venezuela by sea on Sunday in an attempt to overthrow him.

Maduro, who has often accused the U.S. of trying to topple him, said the aim of the invaders was to smuggle him to the U.S.

He said two American citizens alleged to be part of the mercenaries had been arrested.

The socialist strongman displayed what he alleged to be the passports of the two Americans identified as Airan Berry and Luke Denman.

He said the duo, who work for a Florida-based security company, “were playing Rambo, they were playing hero.”

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s state TV aired a video of Denman apparently confessing to plotting to overthrow Maduro and bring him to the US.

The 34-year-old former U.S. Special Forces member said he was helping Venezuelans to reclaim their country, NAN reports.

Trump, reacting to allegations described the invaders as a “rogue group, adding that the mercenaries launched a shambolic attack.

“I don’t know too much about it. This was a rogue group that went in there, a lot of Venezuelans, I think people from other countries also.

“I saw their pictures on a beach. It was not led by General George Washington, obviously, this was not a good attack.

“I think they were caught before they ever hit land, but I know nothing about it, I say that the government has nothing to do with it at all,” he added.