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Shehu Sani survives attack as terrorists ‘bomb’ Kaduna-Abuja train 

A former Senator and social critic, Shehu Sani, gas narrated how he escaped death when terrorists attacked a train he was onboard.

According to him, the  Kaduna-Abuja train he boarded on Wednesday ran into a portion damaged by explosives used by terrorists in attacking a Kaduna-Abuja.

In a tweet, the former lawmaker alleged that terrorists had attacked the train, using explosives.

He claimed that the terrorists also opened fire on the engine driver and tank of the train.

He tweeted: “Yesterday, terrorists attacked the Kaduna-Abuja railway with an explosive and opened fire on the train, targeting the engine driver and the tank.

“This morning, I was on board when our train ran over another explosive damaged rail track. It took a miracle for us to escape.”