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No more SIM for under 18, says NCC

Anyone under 18 years of age will no more register and own a Subscriber Identity Module, SIM, in Nigeria.

This is the latest regulation released by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

According to the draft copy of the modified Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations published on the commission’s website,
NCC stated that telecoms subscribers must be above18 years of age.

According to NCC, which relied on powers invested in it by section 70 of the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003: “‘Subscriber’ means a person not below the age of 18 years who subscribes to communications services by purchasing a subscription medium or entering into a subscription contract with a licensee.”
By Section 57 of the Act, the NCC on Tuesday conducted a Public Inquiry on the Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations, alongside the draft SIM Replacement Guidelines and the draft Spectrum Trading Guidelines at its head office in Abuja.

NCC’s Executive Commissioner of the Stakeholders Management, Mr Adeleke Adewolu during the exercise: “The public inquiry is an avenue that enables the commission to develop and review its regulatory instruments by incorporating the comments and suggestions of industry stakeholders.”During the public inquiry, which was held physically and virtually, key stakeholders, MTN suggested that the commission pegs the age limit at 14 years and above but
the NCC insisted on 18 years and above for anyone who wants to own and register a SIM in Nigeria.