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Miracle: Alibaba’s wife, 55,  gives birth to triplets 

Miracle: Alibaba’s wife, 55,  gives birth to triplets 

Nigeria’s leading comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, has welcomed a set of triplets.
Alibaba’s wife, Mary, gave birth to the miracle kids at 55 years of age.
The ace comedian announced the arrival of the newborns, all males, in a post on his Instagram page on Monday.
According to him, the triplets, who have been named Aaron, Alexander, and Andrew, arrived two months ago and .
“Mary and I are happy and overjoyed to welcome our 3 sons, Aaron, Alexander, and Andrew, into the Akpobome family,” Alibaba wrote in the post.

“It’s been 2 months since they arrived, and as the days go by, we thanh God Almighty for these 3 beautiful blessings.

“We also want to thank our sisters, brothers, friends, uncles, and aunties for all the support so far.

“We appreciate and thank you immensely for all your prayers, love, best wishes, and gifts.”