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Hunger, not Coronavirus is most devastating problem in Nigeria, says Bishop Oyedepo

Constance Obinagwam

President of Living Faith Church, otherwise known as Winners Chapel has stated that though Coronavirus is deadly, but hunger is the most devastating disease in Nigeria.
Bishop Oyedepo, who stated this during the second service, on Sunday morning, at the Canaanland, Otta, Ogun State, affirmed that though the coronavirus is deadly, hunger, however, is more devastating in the country. 
According to him, “When someone is hungry and did not see food anywhere, it is instant death. Hunger is the most devastating crisis in Nigeria.
“We cannot be stopping one problem and leave nine others outside. We should fight them altogether. 
“In the hospital, people die daily of fever. It is not just the Coronavirus, but the negative severe events. We need help in this country because if  a market woman contacts it, it spreads. The same thing too in our transport system where people lap themselves and fall on each other in a bus. It will distablise the country,” he said .

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He commended all authorities involved in the fight against the virus and prayed that Nigerian leaders find the right solutions as the whole world is finding solutions to this pandemic that have befallen the land.

He led the church to pray that God endowed all policy-makers around the world with divine wisdom in their decision-making, so that the enemy would not have their way in human existence. He also prayed that God grants wisdom and speed to everyone giving in to finding solutions to the virus.
Bishop Oyedepo also declared an end to coronavirus. Reading Jeremiah Chapter 22 verses 29, he said, Oh, yea earth, hear the Word of the Lord. Coronavirus we reject you in Jesus name.”
Also, he urged believers to step in as families to seek the face of God in this time, pray and make declarations. He said putting off a church is like closing down hospitals in times like this. 
However, he welcomed the authorities’ decision of controlling crowds,  but told them that the church has 52 well-planted tents, saying there s enough space to accommodate and disseminate to members.
“We are not going against the government, whatever situations, we have space to accommodate all.
“The wiseth thing in this situation is to run to God. We have run to God. We will not come back disappointed. ” You don’t know the cause of being out of church. It is like putting off hospitals. ” he said.