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Household Item Survey: Prices of commodities stabilise

Babajide Okeowo

As the Ramadan season gradually comes to an end, a food survey conducted by an online agency revealed that the price variation of food commodities across the four major markets in the state are relatively the same, while the prices of other commodities vary across the markets.

Noodles such as Indomie, Chikki, Minimie, and Golden Penny are relatively sold for the same price across the four markets, although Mushin Market sells a carton of Indomie 70g highest at a higher price of N1, 900 compared to N1, 800 sold in Daleko, Oyingbo, and Mile 12 markets.

A gallon of local vegetable oil (25 litres & 5 litres) sells for the same price of N10, 000 and N2, 000 respectively across the four markets except for Mile 12 market which sells 5 litres of vegetable oil for N1, 900; a cheaper rate compared to the other markets. Other commodities that recorded the same price include Power Oil (3 litres) and Mamador oil (3.8 litres).

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The relative differences in prices: Obvious variations were recorded in the prices of rice, beans, and garri across the four markets.

Royal stallion rice (50kg) sells at N14, 800 in Daleko market, N15, 000 in Mushin, and N15, 500 in Oyingbo and Mile 12 markets. Rice Master (10kg) sells at N3, 000 in Daleko, Oyingbo, and Mile 12 market. It is, however, sold at a higher price in Mushin market (N3, 500).

Beans (Oloyin) is sold the lowest in Daleko market for (N14, 500), N15, 000 in Oyingbo N15, 000, and N16, 000 in Mile 12 Market. Brown beans is also sold the lowest in Daleko Market at 25,000, while Mile 12 Market sells it at the highest price of N30, 000.