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History made! Nigerian media personality, Dr. Debby Goodnews Silas is bridging the gap between Africans and African-Americans

One of the many tragic realities confronting the black communities today is their lack of unity and love for one another. The relationship between Africans and African-Americans is a perfect example of this situation.

Despite their common ancestors, these groups have had a long history of animosity towards one another, “This hit’s me so much, but Africans and African Americans should stop discrimination against each other, it will be better for both communities to come closer to understand each other’s culture and believes, this will help both communities to contribute greatly in the society. she said “.

This division has prevented Africans and African-Americans from initiating mutually beneficial partnerships. It stopped African-Americans from participating in the economic boom being experienced in various African nations, and it has also shut many African immigrants out of opportunities for economic advancement in countries like the United States.

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The disunity stems from deep misconceptions, sometimes fueled by the media. It might shock you that many African-Americans perceive Africans as being backward and primitive and still live on trees with monkeys. Many are not aware of Africa’s role in global development.

However, it is not all doom and gloom; efforts are being made to change this negative narrative and rekindle the bond between Africans and African-Americans.

And Dr. Debby Goodnews a thoroughbred humanitarian, entrepreneur and media personality with a strong desire to forge love, harmony, and unity among Africans and Afro-Americans, is spearheading this initiative.

Dr. Debby Goodnews conceptualized and packaged an annual event brand called The Glamours Royal Honor Awards, to not only create awareness, but to celebrate the common heritage, and also bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans.

The prestigious award brand has become a meeting place for personalities from both the African and African-American communities to exchange ideas and network. And this year’s edition, which was recently held in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, lived up to that billing as well.

“I’ve always wanted to bridge the gap between Africans and Americans, and I’ve done my best to do so through all of my media platforms, including my magazine, Debby Classique Magazine, and my award brands, Glamours Honor Awards and the highly anticipated D’CEM Awards,” Dr Debby said.

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“The Glamours Award 2022 is dedicated and designed to appreciate and honor the African Americans who have gone above and beyond to better, influence, and contribute to their community and society at large, also used the event to show African Americans love the way Africans celebrate and honor strong personality in African.

“I have been doing my best, to stamp out the ‘hate’, and bridge the gap between Africans and African Americans in the United States,” she added.

“African–Americans and Africans need to love and respect each other. I use every opportunity I get to speak, and demonstrate to African–Americans that we love them as our brothers and sisters, and we recognize them as one,” Dr Debby said.

“We Africans must stop paying attention to people that discourage us. We need to believe in ourselves and shun the negative negatives being projected about us. My award events are designed to honor and appreciate people of all race who has contributed to the community and society at large. Where ever we found ourselves is our home, we should contribute to make it a better place to live. Where ever we give to the society is what we expect to get back in return. she added.

Aside from the colourful dignitaries who graced the event, another highlight at the awards is the crowning of the Glamours Queen of Excellence. The queen from either the African or American communities will represent the black race in preaching love, unity, and creating opportunities for collaboration between African and African-American people.

And this year’s event was revved up as veteran Nollywood actress and the 2021 Glamours Queen of Excellence, Florence Onuma, was on ground to witness the coronation, and handover to the new queen, and Hollywood actress, Mahogany Raspberry. OMALICHA CHUKS a NOLLYWOOD actor hosted the awards ceremony and many titles CHEIF’s, the newly elected for Georgia honor of representative Dr, Gabe Okoye and top professional Africans and Americans were present at the D’CEM humanitarians awards ceremony.

According to Dr Debby Goodnews , the new Glamours Queen of Excellence, Mahogany Raspberry, was nominated for the crown because of her stunning, innovative, focused driven personality.

Dr. Debby Goodnews also bagged recognition as Philanthropist of the year, Woman Influencer Award, and Best Fashion Designer Award by Achi Magazine Awards in November 2022 for her exceptional contributions in the society.

Officiating the coronation, Chief Dr. Victor Anyanwu, Secretary-General of the Igbo Union in Atlanta Georgia, Dr. Victor is also the highest traditional prime minister in the African community, He praised Mahogany for her charity works, all her excellence achievements and also gave her an African name, as a seal to unite Africans and African-Americans.

“We thank you for your accomplishments,” Chief Anyanwu said, “That is why we want to honour you. As the representative of the Igbo community in Atlanta, I hereby give a special name, ‘Ngozi’ as a sign to represent the bond we share with the Black Americans. Ngozi means ‘Blessing’ in Igbo language. This is because you’re not only a blessing to your family but to your community and to Africa”.

The new queen, Raspberry while appreciating the gesture, said that the recognition has spurred her to do more in helping the less privileged, in her interview she said “ people are afraid of what they don’t know, we should be more contingous, she advised people pay attention to love, take time to learn their culture versus the African culture, so they can understand each other’s cultures and show kindness at all times.