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Hezbollah launches rockets unto Israel

...IDF responds with strikes killing dozens of fighters

Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militant group, fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Sunday, targeting the Mount Meron area. The Israeli military responded by targeting Hezbollah rocket launch sites in southern Lebanon.




According to a report by Al Jazeera, The IDF reported that its fighter jets destroyed a rocket launcher in Rachaya Al Foukhar, a town in southern Lebanon, after dozens of rockets were fired from the site into Israel’s Mount Hermon area.


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Additionally, an attack on a launcher in Kounine, which had been used to fire rockets toward the Mount Meron area, was reported, although there were no reported injuries or damage in the attack.




The Israeli military also claimed responsibility for an attack on a Hezbollah anti-tank missile squad in southern Lebanon’s Chebaa, killing several members of the group. The IDF said the cell was spotted by soldiers monitoring surveillance cameras and was neutralised before it could carry out an attack.