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Don’t create division between Amaju and Gusau, Egbe tells blackmailers

George Aluo

FIFA-licensed match agent cum stadium facilities expert, Ebi Egbe has warned those he called blackmailers not to create division between Amaju Melvin Pinnick and incumbent NFF president, Shehu Gusau.

Egbe said he has read reports where Amaju was quoted as saying that Gusau would always run to him insisting that such reports are aimed at causing disaffection between both men.

“I can see blackmailers at work. They want Amaju and Gusau to fall out and begin to fight each other. Those doing this don’t mean well for our football. Amaju today is in FIFA council, we need him at that level. Gusau today is in charge of our football and he needs to interface with those in CAF and FIFA.

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“Anybody who is pushing any agenda that would see Amaju and Gusau not being on the same page doesn’t mean well for our football. The NFF election has come and gone, we should settle down and work for results,” Egbe said adding…

”The results we all want from our national teams and clubs can only come in an atmosphere of peace and cordial relationship between those running the game at home and those we have at the international level. This is why countries push to have their people in CAF and FIFA. Nigeria must make good use of her opportunity.”