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Buba Galadima: Buhari may be kidnapped by bandits

The sprawling insecurity ravaging the country may not spare even the president, says Buba Galadima, a former ally of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking with the BBC Hausa, Galadima said with the level of insecurity now widespread, he would not be surprised if the bandits terrorizing Nigeria, also abduct President Buhari.

Buhari knows nothing, he can’t do anything, that is why you see government officials are siphoning billions from public property and nobody can stop them.”

According to Galadima, if terrorists could have access to break Kuje prison unchallenged, then they could as well get to Buhari himself.

Hear him: “If care is not taken, sooner or later Buhari too can be kidnapped considering the way security issues are ignored. The only option available now is to either continue praying or arm ourselves for protection but if we depend on this government, definitely we will be killed.”