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Body Organics launches premium Protein deodorant

Popular organic and natural skin and body care brand, Body Organics, has launched a premium protein deodorant made wholly of natural ingredients.

According to the brand, the protein deodorant, which provides all-day protection by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria, is free of aluminium or bactericides that have raised health concerns associated with long-term use.

Owned by popular lifestyle-beauty entrepreneur, Viola Ogbunude, Body Organics, is a beauty brand devoted to organic body care products. The protein deodorant is packed with skin vitamins that control hyperpigmentation and antimicrobial, the brand disclosed.

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Ogbunude assured that the deodorant can be used daily without any worry about darkly pigmented armpits which usually arise from long term use of deodorants that contain aluminium, parabens and synthetic bactericides.

“It is formulated to protect against body odour by neutralising and breaking down the enzymes and bacteria that cause odour to a simple salt,” she said.

According to her, the deodorant gives users a calming and silky feel of the armpit. “When applied, Protein Deodorant glides smoothly as it dissolves and breakdown odour-causing bacteria, and smoothens and conditions the skin,” she explained.