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Bizzare! 70-yr-old man rapes 8-yr-old girl, confesses he loves her, bag 30 years in jail

Anthony Iwuoma

A bizzare kind of love played out Niger State, as 70-year-old Mohammed Sani Umar, raped an eight-year-old girl and confessed he commited the crime out of love for the minor.

Consequently, Umar has been sentenced to spend the next 30 years in jail.

The convict raped the girl twice in the Chanchaga area of Niger State after luring her with N80.

Umar confessed to the crime before a Chief Magistrate Court on Thursday, professing love for the little girl.

Senior Magistrate Safuratu Abdulkareem of Magistrate Court III, Minna, who presided over the case, found Umar guilty of the offence and slammed a 30-year jail sentence on him, adding that it was in accordance to Section 18, Subsection 2 of the Child Right Act (2010) of Niger State.