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Ben Ayade claims super hero status for paying salaries

Ben Ayade, governor of Cross River, has described the payment of salaries and pensions of civil servants as a “fantastic achievement” of his administration.

Ayade spoke in a chat with Arise TV on Wednesday.

The governor said the payment of civil servants’ salaries and pensions are “far more critical than any other project”.

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Ayade said the amount Cross River earns from federal allocation is “less than what we pay as salary alone” and he should be praised for bridging the deficit.

He described himself as a “superhero” adding that state residents celebrate him and his achievements.

“Salaries and pensions payment is a fantastic achievement in today’s circumstances. I will tell you why it is so: To build a road, you need the citizens to have independent ease and integrity to be able to use that road,” the governor said.

“But what is the point of a skyscraper when your citizens are poor? I am a son of a civil servant so I know the circumstance in which I was brought up. I know that salary and pension are far more critical than any other project.

“The citizens of this country matter more than an attempt to show that we are a developing nation when your people are predominantly poor. I can tell you Cross River ranks number one in terms of commitment to salary and pension yet we are number 36 in terms of federal allocation.

“Salaries, pensions and payment of people’s due is an entitlement and it should not be an achievement. But it has just become an achievement because the gap between what I earn and what I’m supposed to pay as salary alone shows there is a deficit.

“I’m strategic. If you come to Cross River state today, I am a superhero. I can tell you that I celebrate myself and Cross River residents do celebrate me.”