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Youthful, visionary leadership, key to Nigeria’s greatness

Ayodele Olalere

An All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Anambra State, Paul Orajiaka, has said that the true greatness of Nigeria can only be achieved through youthful and visionary leadership.

Orajiaka who stated this in his goodwill message to Nigerians on the celebration of the nations diamond jubilee also noted that Nigeria must depart from divisive and bitter politics which has retarded growth and development in the country.

He also pointed out that Nigeria will never be able to face the right direction if the citizens continue to hold on to the wounds of the past.

“As we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our great nation, Nigeria, I rejoice with my fellow citizens on this landmark achievement. The journey has been tough and rough but we have come out stronger as a people. Against all odds, conflicts and challenges, we have shown that the things that unite us are more those things that threaten our collective existence.

“Since October 1st, 1960 when our destiny was entrusted into our hands by our colonial masters, the journey into nation building has not been easy. It has been a tale of different turns and thorns.

From the threats of civil war, bad leadership and many other challenges that threatened our existence, we have come out stronger as a people. Although we are far from the perfect union which our founding fathers envisaged, there is no doubt, that we have made very appreciable progress,” he said.

He added: “As we enter a new phase in our existence, we must depart from the divisive and bitter politics which has long retarded our growth and development as a nation. We need to face the future by pursuing the right politics that will build a nation where we can all be safe to achieve our collective dreams.

“Our past may have been characterised by many bitter experiences, but we will never be able to face the right direction if we continue to hold on to the wounds of the past. The success of any nation is determined by the kind of leadership running the affairs of that nation. Therefore, our leaders should promote nation building, peace, progress and equity. Our youth should rise up and champion  visionary leadership devoid of ethnic bias to led us into the next phase of our existence.

“It is true that we inherited a nation built on mutual suspicion, but we have a choice to either continue to follow the path of disunity, distrust and unhealthy rivalry or chart a new course for ourselves. Over the years, we have been bedevilled with issues of abject poverty and lack access to the basic amenities such as health care, education, water, sanitation, security, roads and power. Tackling these challenges should inflame our passion.

“As we celebrate our independence today, let us value our freedom by not forgetting the sacrifices of the martyrs. Its time for us to unite and stand for equity.”