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World Swimming Championships: Hot weather forces swimmers out of water

George Aluo, Budapest

Early start! That is what FINA has settled for in the Open Water event of the on going Budapest 2022 World Swimming Championships, no thanks to extremely hot weather here.

Yes! It’s getting too hot, even to swim, right here in Hungary, as the fear of heatstroke takes its toll on the ongoing world swimming Championships.

FINA disclosed Sunday night that the 25km event which comes up June 30 at the Lupa Beach will now commence by 7 am.

FINA in a statement noted that with temperatures expected to rise more in the days ahead, it has become necessary to adjust time.

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The release stated in part…”As you probably experienced if you were at Lupa Beach for the open water swimming opener, the weather today (Sunday) was extremely hot — and it’s expected that the temperature will continue to rise in the following days. For this reason, FINA and event organisers been decided that the 25km event that takes place on the 30th June, will start at 7:00am.”

It is recalled that in 1991, open water swimming events were introduced to the program of the World Championships.

For a couple of editions only the 25km events were contested then the shorter distances were added, 5km in 1998 and 10km in 2001. Recently the FINA Marathon Swim World Series 10km circuit offers elite racing opportunities (and fine prize money) for the best open water competitors.