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Wakanow announces appointment of new CEO

Africa’s leading full-service online travel company, Wakanow.Com Limited (Wakanow) has announced the appointment of Mr. Adebayo Adedeji as interim Chief Executive Officer of Wakanow, effective immediately.

Adedeji, who is the current Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of the company, has been responsible for driving the transition programme of Wakanow since mid-2019. Before taking up his CCO role at Wakanow he was a Senior Finance Manager at Amazon.com, in charge of fulfilment supporting product teams in 16 countries. He was also responsible for driving topline, profitability, inventory optimization, seller promotion and improved customer experience through technical product innovation.

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Previously, he served as a senior finance professional in the consumer retails sector, including Petsmart and Walmart Stores.

Wakanow has been able to grow its customer base and market share since the end of last calendar year as it continues to service its customers and maintain its best value proposition with improved product offering & customer service.

Adedeji is assuming his new responsibilities at a time of great excitement for the company which is on the cusp of transition and significant positive change. The Board of Wakanow is confident that Adedeji will provide an invaluable contribution to setting goals and objectives for the company’s future growth, whilst also providing the administrative guidance and direction required during this period of significant transition and transformation.