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Unemployed youths find succor in car wash business in Ekiti

Some unemployed graduates in Ekiti have resorted to car wash business to alleviate their suffering in job search for a living.

Survey carried out by the News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN) Correspondent in Ado-Ekiti on Friday showed that car wash business has become lucrative in the state.

Some of the car wash operators told NAN that they had to put into play their entrepreneurial skills in order to earn a living since they could not secure white-collar jobs.

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Seyi Taiwo, a graduate of Mathematics Education, who operate a car wash at the popular Bank Road, Ado-Ekiti, said he chose the business after completing his compulsory one year National Youth Service in 2013.

“After several attempts to seek job failed, I had to put in the little money I saved during my NYSC into this car wash business.

“As I speak with you I have more than four boys that are earning money on commission, based on number of  cars they wash in a day.

“We collect N500 per car, but when we also wash the engine, additional money is added and this business has been putting food on my table since I started it.

“If by chance I secure government’s job today, I will still operate this business of mine,” Taiwo said.

Another young man, Dayo Ojo, who is a National Diploma holder from the Federal Polytechnics, Ado-Ekiti, told NAN that he trained himself in school with the proceeds he got in car wash business.

Ojo identified the current proliferation of car wash centres as the major challenge facing the business, saying that the situation had reduced the number of patronage.

He said, “Our major challenge now is that many people have taken interest in car wash business and that is reducing the number of cars available to us.”

He however, added that with good location, right equipment and good customer’s relations, the business was one of the businesses anybody could invest in.

Ojo said, “At least I wash 10 or more cars in a day at the rate of N500 or more.

“This is our season especially now that the rainy season is fast approaching.”

A drive round the major areas within Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State capital revealed that car owners can hardly drive five to seven minutes before getting the services of a car wash.(NAN)