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U. S. entrepreneurship expert urges youths to learn how to develop talents

Amb. Exodus-Esuku Ibor, the Country Director, Interweave Solution International, a U.S. entrepreneurship NGO has urged Nigerian youths to learn how to develop their talents.

Interweave Solution International specialises in training and teaching people how to become business-oriented, grow their businesses and become self-reliant.

The Country Director made the call on Saturday in Abuja at the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the trainees in Nigeria.

“What we do in Interweave Solutions is to train people to make them Masters of Business in the Street (MBS), moving them from poverty to prosperity having in mind that businesses are all located in the street.

“We do all we can at Interweave Solutions using a very specific model and unique technique developed by Interweave to bring out the very best hidden talents of everyone.

“We believe that every person has a talent imbedded in him or her, and once you can be able to tap into that talent, we will be able to push that person to a position where the person will know how to fish for himself,” Ibor stressed.

Ibor said that the organisation is in 33 countries in all continents except Antarctica, and has been impacting positively the lives of people all over the world through its neighbourhood self-reliance groups.

He added that the organization came newly into the Nigerian environment to see how it could impact more positively on people, teach them how to grow their small businesses and to manage them properly.

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Ibor said that 19 participants out of the 43 registered for the first batch of the training in the last couple of months graduated with outstanding result and obtained the MBS and Success Ambassadorial certification.

He called on Nigerian youths to take advantage of the programme to discover themselves and build on their business idea for a better future.

Retired Gen. Paul Boroh, one of the graduating students and newly certified Success Ambassador of Interweave Solutions, a former Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affair said that interweave’s programme was designed to transform people of low calibre of poverty to prosperity.

He said that most Nigerian youths were always looking for white collar jobs after graduation from school.

Boroh said that Interweave solution was brought into the country to make people to stand on their own in business and support the government in creating job opportunities for people.

He called on the private sector to support the effort of Nigerian government in creating jobs, adding that government alone could not provide all the required jobs needed in the country.

“The private sector have come in to support the effort of the government, this is what this programme is all about, giving the capacity to develop upcoming entrepreneurs like what President Muhammadu Buhari is preaching now.

“The president is emphatic on the promotion of agriculture, we have left agriculture for too long and is affecting the entrepreneurs in terms of creativity, economy and job opportunities.

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“If we go back to agriculture as Mr President is preaching, a lot more of people will be happier than the present situation they find themselves, we should not been waiting for white collar jobs, we should promote our skills,” Boroh said.

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Bala, one of the Director of the organisation in Nigeria,encouraged Nigerians to buy the idea of interweave solution saying that there are a lot of benefit from the programme.

Bala stated that, interweave solutions is all about impacting in Nigerian a business idea and how to manage and develop such business especially for those who are presently running a small scale business.

According to him, the gospel about the interweave solution will be spread all around the country until people buy the idea to promote their businesses.

Mr Williams Ojo, another participant, who was decorated with Success Ambassador commended the NGO for impacting in him with business ideas.

Ojo, who was also the overall best graduating student in the MBS category called on young Nigerians not to over rely on white collar jobs but to embrace business idea.

According to him, interweave solution programme is what Nigerian youths need now considering the high rate of employment in the country. (NAN)