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U.K. to bring in army to drive fuel tankers as drivers shortage persists, sparking panic buying

Pascal Oparada

The United Kingdom may bring in the army to drive fuel tankers to petrol stations as the country battles shortage of fuel caused by lack of drivers.

It is estimated that there is about 100,000  shortage of tanker drivers in the country.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the BBC that there is enough petrol in the refineries but not enough drivers to deliver them to metrol stations.

The current driver shortage has opened up over 5,000 visa opportunities in the country which the country said ends by December.

“The national driver shortage continues to place a strain on the Warburtons distribution network but we are working incredibly hard to maintain a good level of service for our customers nationwide., Shapps is quoted as saying. 

Another sector also hit by the shortage are food processing. Britain’s biggest baker Warburtons has confirmed that the company is facing challenges recruiting lorry drivers and that the shortage is causing some disruption to its supply chain, the BBC said.

According to the BBC, It is estimated that the UK is short of about 100,000 HGV drivers – with gaps made worse by the pandemic and Brexit.