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Tribute to Kehinde Ayoola: Requiem for a Beacon of Hope

By Comrade Mashood Erubami

Today , I am not mourning Hon. Kehinde Ayoola, we all owe the debt he had paid before us, God giveth and taketh at his own  time.

Instead, I am writing this requiem to honour and celebrate his life and achievement as a living soul, a man of great character and a true leader.

His ‘death’ as announced but which turned out to be real was an  incalculable loss not only to Oyo State but  to Nigeria democratic political struggle for social economic transformation.

Alas! If not for the cold hands of death that shockingly took him away and leaves us to grieve, we would have one day stood to celebrate his  nature and bountiful achievements as a gentle but brave and a quintessential  leader among his peers.

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He was not just a consequential Student from that rare and renown University that breeds Change  Revolutionaries, he was also a Christian warrior for Christ who  lived an unusual life of a selfless warrior.

Though Hon. Kehinde can be said to have left this sinful world at a young age, his strides and accomplishment weigh heavily beyond his age as a truly remarkable man!

In his transition, we lost one of the leaders that represents  the beacon of hope for a  better future for the Country,  he will continue to live in the conscience of those who valued him and  liveth on!

Just as other great  Leaders who have passed through this world, his potential to make great strides have been currently  shortened  by death, he was a strong contender in democratic reforms for environmental transformation of Nigeria.

Kenny was a Tasteful politician, a  humble democrat, who within his  short  span of existence reflected inestimable values in the arena of law making and  demonstrated the quality of precious leadership gift from God.

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He was impatient with laziness and  was always committed to the upliftment of  his people and was never given to  associating  with political infidels in the society. 

His person and  untimely death  will continue to remind us all that  the struggle for societal liberation continues and that  there is still another struggle to wage and win from where he left us in transition,  in  the beliefs that he is still with us.

We will earnestly continue the struggle  with imbibed teachings of  accomplished past leaders “NEVER TO  GIVE UP TO OPPORTUNISTIC Attractions BUT always to  RISE AGAINST society’s decadence and  AGAINST CORRUPTION NO MATTER HOW HARD IT FIGHTS BACK.


Comrade Mashood Erubami is President Nigeria Voters Assembly