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Traveller alarmed over death trap along Benin-Ore road

A Save Our Soul (SOS) message has been sent to authorities concerned by a patriotic Nigerian on the bad state of the bridge between the military check-point after Okada Junction and Ugbogui on Benin-Ore Expressway, along Edo and Ondo states.

The concerned Nigerian, who took several pictures of the failed portion expressed the fears that, the bridge may come down any moment especially if any truck runs over this failed portion in the night thereby causing avoidable deaths.

“Worst still, the grasses, stones and pieces of rocks piled on the portion may deceive motorists into believing that the road is smooth all through,” he observed.

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Apart from deaths, according to him, several communities and settlements around would be cut out and thereby result into unnecessary economic disruption across the country going by importance of the route.

“You can see the running water under the bridge from the wide opening with all the iron rods now bare on the bridge,” the patriot lamented.