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Tragedy hits Imo as five family members die in gas fire disaster

Anthony Iwuoma

Four members of the same family, a woman and her four children,  were on Friday killed in Umuoma Nekede Owerri-west Local Government Area of Imo State when a gas station located in the area went up in flames.

The inferno was reportedly ignited by a truck discharging cooking gas.

An eyewitness flared the operators of the gas station for the tragedy.

According to him: “Operators of the station are to blame for this disaster. They were careless by ignoring its leakage, which is responsible for the fire outbreak. The flaring of the gas quickly sent the fire to a nearby compound and burnt five people, four children and the wife of Mr. Onyekpandu Ekeada.”

He condemned the location of gas stations within residential areas.

“Gas stations should not be sited around residential areas because of their inflammable nature. The Imo government should look into this.” 

 Inconsolable Ekeada disclosed that his wife and children were sitting outside the house at about 9pm when the disaster that claimed his wife and all his children paid him a visit.

He also pleaded with the state government to come to his rescue, as all he had laboured for all his life had gone up in smoke.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prof. Placid Njoku, was said to have gone on a condolence visit to the family.