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Top social media trends and hashtags for brands to latch onto

Pascal Oparada

The spontaneity of social media can be enthralling. It allows you to live in the moment and be everywhere and in almost every conversation.

The ability of brands to identify and latch onto social media trends is stuff only those with the raven eyes can see.

Trends are important in pushing your conversations and in most cases, your products and services across to your audience.

Even though brands are seen by many as opportunists, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of current trends to put your message across.

Heading to social media sites you are confronted with an audience that is extremely vocal about their likes and dislikes.

Monitoring conversation about an industry or theme will soon allow you to track emerging trends emanating from the data presented to you.

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Let’s take healthy eating, for example.

It is a market that has a great deal of conversation, which may seem daunting in the collation of online data.

However, when you dive into the data you can see that certain themes emerge that can be used by marketers when targeting their target audience.

Here are currently social media trends to dive into.

Facebook’s #SmileChallenge

With close to a million people posting on the hashtag, the #SmileChallenge is currently setting the biggest social media platform on fire.

On Instagram, the #Challenge has raked in close to 400 million users. That’s a massive audience for brands and marketers.

The reason the #SmileChallenge is good for brands is because it is positive, energetic and populated mostly by millennials who, despite the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, have allowed users to express themselves in the most positive way.

The trend is good for personal care brands which deal with body care products like toothpaste, body creams, perfumes and other range of body care products.


This trend allows users to post their pictures while putting on their eyeglasses. It allows them to showcase themselves in various designer eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The #SpectaclesChallenge has over 500,000 users posting only their picture while wearing their eyeglasses.

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Like the #SmileChallenge, it is positive and trendy. Users do not have any reason to attack each other and bicker over politics and politicians.

Experts believe that in order for brands to thrive, they should steer clear of controversial trends.

The #SpectaclesChallenge is good for fashion brands and sunglasses makers.

Along with posting their pictures, users also post messages that can be helpful for brands in pushing their products.


Even though this challenge is still picking up, brands can take advantage of this to pass their message across. Currently, it has over 40,000 users and is still counting.

Users post their pictures while wearing their NYSC uniforms when they are serving the mandatory one year service in Nigeria. Sometimes they also display their certificates.

The story of the #NyscChallenge is that of hope and resilience.

Brands which seek to inspire hope and doggedness can latch onto this trend.


With close to 200,000 people currently on the hashtag, it is populated with people who are seeking to deepen friendship.

Brands promoting family values and friendship can take a dig into this trend. It is good for banks and other financial institutions with products for the family.

For what it is worth, healthy trends are good for brands to identify and get into in order to push their message to the right audience.