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Talking Sex: The fun of pillow talk

Yemisi Olusina

Are you a man who is regularly troubled by your woman’s poor attitude towards sex? Are you currently in a fix about what to do to tackle the issue? Stop getting yourself worried because the solution is right here. Pillow talks will do the wonder.

To many, pillow talk is time wasting and an unnecessary exercise. What with the daily burden of making ends meet particularly at a very hard time like this! So, where does one get the time for this kind of talk? Well, if you are one of those in this line of thought, I tell you, you have been missing some great deal of fun.

A pillow talk time is that period when lovers lie down together in the comfort of their bedrooms, talking sweet. It is a moment when each person is free from every form of distractions either from the kids or any pressing household matters.

Not a gimmick for sex, pillow talks can come before or in sex. One sure thing about this is that when it finally results in sex, there is usually a testimony following. If there is anything significant about pillow talk, it is its advantage to ease all tension and endear couples towards each other. In other words, pillow talks promote intimacy between couples any day.

Research has shown that women, being seekers of attention, tend to enjoy the moments more. Imagine the countless sweet nothings that come from your partner to you! You cannot but enjoy a swell time.

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Before engaging in moments of pillow talk, however, you must ensure the following rules.

First, you must know what your partner wants to hear and be ready to give it to her in full dose. It is not about being deceptive, but some words that flatter and make your partner feel on top of the world like the true charming prince or queen will really go a long way. In short, it is a time when you extol your spouse’s virtues. Come up with sweet words that will excite her and make her melt, even before you touch her.

Avoid saying anything negative, as this will spoil the mood. Like a smooth soothing balm, it should just be very sweet.

Times of pillow talk are no time to discuss challenges you are having at home or in your relationships, the poor economic state of the nation and other problems that can dampen the lively spirit of your partner.  For instance, you can talk about something good she recently did like, “Angel, you know I would have worn the wrong clothes to that function but for the fact that you made a good choice…”

It is a good time to plan for the next day or future events. Remember that such plans can only come up as long as it is positive and romantic. It could be a trip that will take the two of you out of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. It could also be a dinner for the two of you at a choice restaurant or a plan for an outing to do some shopping for both of you. You could even talk about the possible sex style you plan to have.