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As beautiful as sex is to everyone, it becomes a bore when how you go about it becomes monotonous.
For the umpteenth time, hey! we’ve all got just a lifetime to live around here, so, why being rigid and sedentary? I mean why locking yourself up in a box when many are out there igniting fire into their love life by trying new things? Believe me, getting adventurous, taking your ‘bedmatics’ experience a notch higher won’t do you or anyone any harm but will leave unforgettable memories.
Besides, not only will it make you more desirable to your man but irresistible too.
This week, we are dealing with the woman-on-top sex style and we want to open the eyes of fun lovers to ways that the style can be mastered and owned by you, the woman. I am saying this because most women who claimed to have been on top of their men, most times, just find themselves in the position and only savour it as managed and worked out by the man. Wawu! That’s not too good as this position or style is supposed to be owned and controlled by you, not your man.
Well, complaints are ranging from body shapes and lack of mastery of the style that has made it a not-favoured position by some women.
But experts say this shouldn’t be any big deal because once there is a will, there surely must be a way.
For as many willing to up their game in this area, therefore, we’ve got a recipe for you. Just be calm as we continue on this trip.
Woman-on-top is one of the hottest sex styles. Apart from allowing you as a woman to have more control over the speed and depth of the experience, it also affords your partner the chance to see you in all your sexy glory. It allows you to make him touch and feel areas you desire because you unconsciously communicate that to him.
You can go in your pace and not his, as it is in the popular missionary style.
Those are just a few of the advantages. Expectedly, much as there are good things that come with being on top, there is its other side.
According to some fun lovers, it’s one of those positions that can be very tricky to handle.
To get the best of the style, the following tips will help:

Get your partner in the right position
Have him lie on his back on the bed, the rug, floor or the garden. Then, climb on him slowly until you can straddle him with your legs on either side of his hips.

Lower yourself on him with a tease
Making way for a coital connection is never as smooth and fast as it is for men, so, once you’re sure of being in the right position, begin to tease him into action. Gently guide him inside using the bed or back of the couch for support. Ensure to be comfortable with him inside before going to the next level.

Start Rocking
This is where the real work is. It is where you must learn the spelling acts to rock your boat right.
Just balance on him well, make steady your knees and try spelling the following with your hips gently and slowly on him.

Spell Coconut
One trick that is great at helping woman-on-top style is to master the act of spelling the word “coconut.” When you take a look at the entire shape of this edible, you will discover that it has an “O” shape. Now, if it’s the shape you simply want to spell, for starters, go ahead. But for those out there who want to get better, try to pick each alphabet and gently spell. Your writing tool, remember, is your precious hips. All of the letters are rounded which makes each very easy to “spell”.
“Just go at a slow pace that allows you and your partner to feel each rhythm or letter and you will both be glad at the experience,” says Sexologist, Chinasa Ibem.

Try spelling “cowgirl”
The soothing way you went about spelling coconut is the same way you will go for the “cowbell” spelling style. Pick each letter and spell slowly with your tool of work and you will achieve a splendid result.
Going about it this way, Ibem says will not only allow you to slow down enough to make things pleasurable but will allow you to measure your partner’s reaction and body language to see which letters they enjoy more than others.
It is then left for you to intensify efforts on the letters they enjoy most. This means your full attention is required.

Letters “W” and “M”
Other letters you need to try to create are letters “W” or “M”. With your mind fixed on either of the two, you can create an unexplainable pleasure for yourself and your partner with your hips committed to the assignment.
The only difference is that while you bring your hip from up, down once while spelling “W” you take your hip from the downward position upwards before coming down, then up and down when spelling “M.”

Letter “O”
In the same manner, you created letters “W and M” you will go about the “O” letter. The good news is that it’s a lot easier going about it. Just remember the Coconut trick, and you will find it most easily. There is no need of going up and down, only get your hips circulating your man’s instrument of pleasure until you both reach your land of ease. Simply note that abiding by the rule of slow-motion in the game is most paramount in all of these.
Be careful not to be too fast to avoid injuring your partner. You don’t want to bend him, do you?

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Whether the rounded letters or letters with lots of peaks and dips like “W” or “M,” ensure that you and your partner incorporate creativity into your “hippy” activities. Mind you, you may even choose not to ~spell~ anything but just get yourself into the groove and keep twisting and hyping the rhythm from your mind. No one will be able to tell the alphabets or words you are hip-typing out.

Get him busy
While building up some steam as you rock your hips in slow circles while he’s inside you, he can help you to hold onto your hips and guide you in circles, up and down or side to side.

Lead him into free play
By now, all guards are on the loose but before you both get to the climax, get him to do more touchings. Guide his hands to your already popping boobs, or feed him with them like a baby. No screams as there may be some people still awake.

Note that there are rooms for adjustments as he may occasionally pop out of position. Simply guide him back inside and keep rocking.

Just like anything else, the woman-on-top position requires some constant practise and you will be shocked at the speed with which you will master it.

For those who are fat and with a big stomach, bigger butts, do not be deterred. Embrace your body shape, be involved with loving partners, do regular body exercises to keep your flesh firm and communicate frequently with your partner on your choice of style.
The woman-on-top position is advantageous to both man and woman. It helps the woman to reach orgasm because of the easy access that the man has to her clit and boobs especially while at it and helps the man to spend more time in action before ejaculating.

With those good sides of this style, I believe you are set to give it a trial. Wow! Yeah, I can feel your eagerness. Just ride gently and stay safe. Catch Ya.