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Some people told us Emefiele boasted that he knew what to do to make sure Tinubu didn’t win – Bayo Onanuga

Special Adviser to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Information and Strategy, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, shared insights during an interview with The Nigerian Tribune, expressing his initial belief that the presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, seemed poised to win the election.

According to Onanuga, this p

erception arose due to the extensive criticism President Tinubu faced during the campaign period.

In his opinion, Onanuga acknowledged that Atiku had garnered support from certain factions within their party and even suggested some alliances in the Villa. The currency change orchestrated by certain individuals was anticipated to benefit Atiku politically, with suggestions that the Central Bank Governor, Emefiele, boasted of strategies to hinder Tinubu’s chances. However, despite these factors, Onanuga credited divine intervention for determining the election outcome, asserting that God did not favor Atiku’s victory.

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Onanuga highlighted internal challenges within their political party, noting its splintering into four factions. This fragmentation deprived them of potential advantages, allowing figures like Kwankwanso to divert PDP votes in Kano State and Peter Obi claiming support in the South East and parts of the South-South. The G-5 governors further weakened their position, contributing to a less unified front.

Regarding Peter Obi, Onanuga remarked on the limitations of his national appeal, which he asserted was confined to specific regions such as the South East, parts of the South-South, Lagos State, Abuja, and some areas in the Middle Belt. He suggested that Peter Obi relied on factors like religion and ethnicity to secure votes, highlighting the geographical boundaries of his influence.

He said, “In fact, some people told us that Emefiele was boasting that he knew what to do to make sure Tinubu did not win. Unfortunately for Atiku, God did not want him to win.”