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Seducing your man is your right

To most people, seduction, from whichever angle it is coming in a relationship is evil. As a matter of fact, the African culture forbids women from attempting it. The different religions in the country also frowns at it. As far as many are concerned, the art of seduction is strictly meant for prostitutes.

The irony of it all is that every man no matter his belief or origin loves good-looking women. Besides this, there is a question that readily comes to my mind on this issue and that is how do lovers cope with our situation these days when prostitutes are not only found at brothels and hotels? They are all over the place. In the office, at home, in your compound, even at churches, mosques, in vehicles and bus stops. Prostitutes in disguise are just there. And they are there for the man’s taking.

So, as a woman, how do you protect your lover, your very loved own from the hands of these raging wolves. Believe me, many are wolves in sheep’s clothing as the Holy Bible puts it.

Without any deception, one of your weapons of war is SEDUCTION! It’s the truth. Don’t just sit down there, playing the simple and plain-hearted lover or wife who covers her head and body in the name of one belief or the other and deceive yourself that your man loves it that way. If you belong to this line of thought, I must be frank with you that you are missing it.

See, these men that appear as if they are holier than those holy prophets experience temptations on a daily basis and you know what? They love sexy stuffs.  Forget the fact that they castigate seductive dresses and tempting appearances. They love it and it charms them.

My message to you dearest ladies is to indulge in this business of seduction and you will see and enjoy the reward.

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Besides, why do you bother? After all, he is your property. So, take charge from now on. If you think he is not looking your way in recent times, try these seductive tips and you will be sharing your testimonies sooner than you think.

Adopt a well-placed whisper

See, talking in whispers can really turn a man on. So, one of these days, when you are returning from work and he calls, try and speak in low tones. Even when he travels out of town and he calls, attempt speaking in whispers. He will surely get the signal and will be all over you when you finally meet.


Use body contacts

Brush him with your body unexpectedly whenever he is busy reading newspapers or working on his laptop. This will suddenly jolt him into thinking your way. Make sure he is not fully clothed and, of course, you are free underneath your outer wear too.  Once you see he is uncomfortable, continue the intimidation and if this is well planned, there will definitely be no one around. So, the deed will be done as targeted. If people are around, as soon as he gets the message, you know them, he is definitely distracted. Just lead him to the slaughter’s slab and perform the sacrifice. I tell you, he will not only be shockingly grateful, he will look forward to more of it.

Plan dinner for just two

To do this, you must take the initiative by asking him out and possibly going to his office to pick him out. Ensure to dress up right for this outing. Something skimpy and revealing with well-packaged boobs and bum will be the best. Let your downside be firm but let your boobs be free to dance mildly around to send a signal. Even if he is a general overseer of a church or an Imam, he must come under fire.


Send a sizzling text

Sext him. Even when your teenage years are far behind you, men still love to feel that they are still young. Believe me at 88, they still enjoy a little digital flirting. You can try any of these scripts: “You, Me. Bed Tonight.” Or something like “Can’t wait to see you at home.” Or “ Just picturing the two of us naked and sweaty.” Anything, just anything that will get him running into your arms.

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Arrange for romantic movies for just two.

Take some time to get some romantic movies that will end up giving the two of you sizzling ideas that will linger in your memories for a long time. Keep all intruders away as much as possible. Once you get him on the couch, slip your favourite sexy movie or film into your DVD player and let that feeling overtake him, well… you will gist me all about it later.


Shop for something scandalous

Make a secret plan to surprise him with something new, maybe  a lingerie, a pair of lacy panties or a bum short to wear just for him. Take pleasure in choosing the perfect item to seduce him with. When he walks into the bedroom to sleep, take your time to slip into those wears while he looks on.  He’ll get the message immediately and I can assure you it will end up as a win-win for both of you.

Ladies, attempt one or all of the above and you will not only keep your bed hot all the time, you will surely find yourself spending less time warming up and more time breathing hot and heavy.